By Connie Lee, Oct. 11,2022

Students extend their education by attending college where they find their true self. They choose their majors, career paths and study for their aspiring future. Keeping a legacy about yourself and knowing that a path is left behind is important. Students share their thoughts on the legacy they want to leave behind at CPP and what they would tell their younger selves.

Daniel R. Gonzalez | management and human resources student

“After CPP, I would hope that I leave a legacy of hard work and passion in the pursuit of helping others. Through much sacrifice and effort, all that I have set out to achieve has been accomplished. Showing others that it is possible to achieve all that you desire regardless of where you come from/who you are. I would tell myself to put forth the effort today. Sacrifice is part of the journey. You’re either going to sacrifice time today or later; however, you’re going to sacrifice at some point in your journey.” 





Layal Dahi | literary studies student

“To me, a legacy is less about what you leave for others, and more about what you take away. From my experience at CPP, I plan to take the work ethic that I’ve built and the knowledge my professors have equipped me with during my time in undergrad. As a transfer student, I spent my freshman year at community college. Something that I wish my freshman year self was aware of is the fact that it’s OK to take your time. I would remind her that everyone functions on their own timeline, and to remember that comparing yourself to others is almost never beneficial.” 




Reylina Cruz | dietetics student

“My legacy after graduating is to carry my relationships with professors over to my professional career and to pursue my goal as a registered dietitian. I would tell my freshman year self to not worry about how fast your peers are finishing, every journey is different.” 







Daisy Corral | dietetics student

“My legacy after graduating from CPP would be to become a sports dietitian and keep in contact with my professors. I would tell my freshman year self to take time for yourself so that way you’re not overwhelmed and you’re not constantly doing schoolwork. It’s okay to take breaks.”







Margot Evans | dietetics student

“I hope I left an impact on the people I met. I want to become successful in my career and be able to relate that back to my time at CPP. I would tell my freshman year self to breathe, everything will be OK. Just enjoy the ride and have fun!” 








Nicole Porras | geology emphasis environmental resources student

I hope to continue in my geological career as a hydrologist or field work and making an impact on the world and the future in conversation and climate action. I would tell my younger self that I’m proud of you for not giving up! Keep going through the tough because it will be worth it!” 







Joshua Michel | electrical engineering student

“I hope to leave a legacy of feeling like I made it. I would like to work for a big electrical engineering company like NASA in the future. I would tell my freshman year self to work hard and to not get distracted.” 









Jose Martinez | business student

“After graduating from CPP I would like to leave a legacy of trying my hardest to be at least a year into being a realtor. Not immediately after, but sometime in the future I would like to own my own real estate agency. Something I would tell my freshman self would be to not procrastinate because things will pile up.” 








Gabriel Benitez  | electrical engineering student

“I would like to leave a legacy at CPP by not giving up on what I am studying, keep going with it and try to get into a business that I believe will make me feel accomplished. I would also maybe try to think of some way to create my own income. Something I would tell my freshman year self is to try and adopt a mindset that you could follow through and a mindset that will actually get you places.” 






Bella Garcia | liberal studies student

“I would like to leave a legacy of trying hard and not giving up on my studies. I believe that it is important to be mindfully strong and believe in yourself. I would like other students to know that it will be worth it at the end. Something I would tell my freshman year self would be that everything happens for a reason and there is also worth in what I am doing. 








Feature image courtesy of Nadia Urbina

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