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‘W.I.T.C.H.E.S’ mingle at the Potionary Picnic

By Carolina Maciel, Oct. 11, 2022

The Womxn’s Resource Center hosted its very first Potionary Picnic at the University Quad, on Oct. 3, noon 1p.m. The event included food, drinks, arts and crafts, while showcasing the unity of women. 

The Potionary Picnic was a chance for friends, colleagues and likeminded individuals from the Cal Poly Pomona community to come out, enjoy a great meal, hang out with each other and just let their minds unwind with some stress-free arts and crafts. 

The WRC summoned all of the W.I.T.C.H.E.S to come out and attend. W.I.T.C.H.E.S stands for woman in control of herself. The theme for October is W.I.TC.H.E.S, hence the name Potionary Picnic being appropriate. 

 “We’re focusing on programming for empowering women as the WRC and the Potionary Picnic is an event where we can socialize and prepare for our photograph and have a bite to eat and get to meet each other,” said Liah Martinez, Womxn’s Resource Center intern. 

The event was free for all who wanted to attend. For those that RSVP‘d by the due date, they receive a free lunch. If they didn’t RSVP in time, they were still able to enjoy the arts and crafts that were provided upon arrival. 

This event was also a way to get the word out about the Womxn’s Resource Center so students can see what resources are offered to them here on campus. The Womxn’s Resource Center offers support for whatever help is needed. They encourage all to come and visit the WRC, which is there for recreation, school related topics or mental health support.  

“The WRC is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can come if you need literally anything, like you need someone to talk, you need to print stuff out, you want to check out a book that’s not in the library, you want to relax, the WRC is there.” said Victoria Mejicanos, WRC social justice leader

Carolina Maciel | The Poly Post

 The Womxn’s Resource Center will be having weekly events through October and hope to continue these events every month for the remainder of the semester. The WRC hopes of getting the word out and having people continue to attend.  

The WRC also has another club which is called Grrrl Squad and it is open to anyone who is interested in joining. It will officially begin in the upcoming year.  

The event welcomed and celebrated one another by having women come together. Guests mingled and connected with new friends. Some even invited old friends to come and hangout. It was an opportunity to uplift and support each other in building future connections. Students from different backgrounds and upbringings came together to enjoy one another’s company.

Students can follow WRC on Instagram at cpp_WRC and Grrrl Squad at cpp_grrrlsquad to get more information on the upcoming events. MYBAR is another resource that can inform and give of updates on the future events. There is also a discord where further information about the Grrrl Squad can be found.  

“Getting to meet new people and learning more about their interests and hobby,” said Madeline Morales, an undeclared student, on what she enjoyed best about the picnic.

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