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The Poly Post newsroom is located in Building 1, room 210. Reach the editorial office at (909) 869-3530.

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Refer to the staff directory below to email news tips to the appropriate editors. You may also contact us at (909) 869-3530.

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Letters should run between 250 and 500 words and may be edited for accuracy, clarity, length, style and libel. All submissions should not exceed 8×10 in. and must include the author’s full name, telephone number and other relevant information, such as class standing, major and place of residence. All submissions should be emailed to editor@thepolypost.com.

The Poly Post Editorial Board

Volume 78, 2022–2023
Editor-in-Chief | Michael Yu


Michael is a fourth-year communications student with an emphasis on multimedia journalism. He enjoys listening to music and watching movies, as well as playing video games in his free time.


Managing Editor | Matthew Acosta


Matthew Acosta is a fourth-year communications major, with an emphasis in multimedia journalism. Matthew enjoys spending time with friends and family and watching the Lakers, Broncos and Angels whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys trying new foods as well as trying to cook them after. After graduation, he hopes to work in either print or broadcast journalism to start and through years of work eventually find himself at ESPN. 

Arts & Culture Editor | Cynthia Haro


Cynthia is a fourth-year communications major with an emphasis in multimedia journalism. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, weightlifting and all things Marvel.

Sports Editor | Caleb Nguyen


Caleb is a third-year student majoring in communication with an emphasis in multimedia journalism. He enjoys watching sports, listening to music and playing basketball in his free time.

Copy Editor | Tessa Dufore


Tessa is a Multimedia Journalism major. When she’s not brushing up on AP Style, she’s playing RPGs, listening to music and watching anime.

Copy Editor | Taylor Jaseph


Taylor Jaseph is a third-year civil engineering major with a minor in multimedia journalism. Former military brat, she dreams of traveling the world even more but will settle with reading books.

Photo Editor | Silas Hood


Silas is a third-year communications student with an emphasis on journalism and a minor in realty. He has a passion for photography and enjoys reading, writing and delving into deep conversations about many subjects.

Video Editor | Jolie Rodriguez


Jolie is a fourth-year communication student with an emphasis in multimedia journalism. She enjoys travelling, cycling, reading, and cooking in her free time.

Web/Social Media Editor | Carlos Leano


Carlos is a fourth-year student majoring in communications with an emphasis in multimedia journalism. He enjoys watching sports, traveling and attending music festivals.

Social Media/Bronco Guide Magazine Editor | Anais Hernandez


Anais is a Los Angeles native studying multimedia journalism and a minor in Spanish. When she’s not nose deep in a romance book, she’s planning her next adventure to satisfy her never-ending wanderlust. After graduation, she hopes to work as a travel journalist covering topics ranging from fashion, lifestyle and wellness to F1, crime and politics.

Graphic Designer | Lauren Wong


Lauren is a second-year Visual Communications Design student with a love for art, books, and music. She is passionate about constantly learning new things and can be found drawing or reading in her free time.

Graphic Designer | Jackson Gray


Jackson Gray is a fourth-year Visual Communications Design major with an emphasis in Illustration. Though most of his free time is spent learning more about the world of design, he also enjoys hiking and finding new restaurants.
Faculty Advisor | Gus Garcia-Roberts