Students’ thoughts on true crime

By Tyrie Lane, Oct. 11, 2022

With the recent release of the drama series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix and controversy surrounding the Jeffery Dahmer depiction, students were asked to give their opinion on how true crime is depicted. 

LaShelle Hudson | hospitality management student

“I feel that true crime is heavily romanticized. In the past it felt more so focused upon the crime aspect of how they got away with it, but now it feels like these killers are having fan bases solely upon looks. A similar situation was the Ted Bundy documentary where people were calling him attractive and by no means should that be your thought after watching a killer.” 



Chanel Williams | computer engineering student 

“When taking in true crime I prefer to watch more in the form of a documentary. It fully explores the background and thought process of these individuals opposed to films like ‘Zodiac Killer’ where there just is not enough background to fill you in.”



Terrion Chambers | sociology student 

“True crime is fairly informative. You get an insight to people’s behaviors as well as start to apply what you see in these films to everyday life. When talking about the ‘Dahmer’ documentary it’s important to highlight how, if you were in a similar situation, you now know how to react or assess a situation because you have seen the possibility of what could happen.” 



Collin Harris | computer engineering student 

“I find that there’s a ton of sexualization going on. To see that going on it’s pretty disgusting, while in the same breath to be able to spread awareness of the story is good. It’s just ultimately a doubleedged sword.” 




Tamera Williams | psychology student 

“I think there’s a negative representation of true crime in the media. People don’t take the documentary as awareness but more so a trend to follow. People often don’t walk away with the educational aspect of true crime but more so the entertainment factor which I just don’t like.”  



Chris Arnold | psychology 

“I’m not the biggest true crime fan. I understand the fascination behind it but personally the people who are just a bit too into it kinda make me turn my head. I feel like buying merchandise of the killers is extremely insensitive.” 





Emil Rogers | computer information systems 

“I don’t see an actual benefit to true crime being shown. It’s traumatic and it forces families to relive the experience.” 






Christina Weaver | psychology student 

“With the recent romanticization of killers it gives watchers the impression that if you are gruesome enough then you could also receive fame with it. When taking in true crime it’s scary to know that in the audience someone could be influenced.” 



Ami Rollins | kinesiology/pre-med student

“I find true crime to be entertaining. In those situations, I picture myself and say, couldn’t be me,’ and this is because I just have far better decision making. I more so enjoy true crime along the lines of prison and narcotic busts.” 



Lisa Frank-Baldomar | history pre-credential student

“True crime recently feels as though killers aren’t being viewed as killers but instead superstars. There needs to be a way of telling the story of these situations while staying away from its romanticization.”  











Feature image courtesy of David von Diemar

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