Womxn’s Resource Center launches blog promoting women empowerment

Last week, the Womxn’s Resource Center launched a new blog, The Delphic Oracle, with a clever spin on a classic Greek tale. Now, instead of receiving advice from one priestess, there are eight series to promote female empowerment in different ways.

After the shift to virtual instruction, the Womxn’s Centers wanted to create a virtual community for students to connect while incorporating its objective to promote female empowerment.

“I’m really happy that we can come out with another medium to be able to connect with our student body,” said Issa Pena, a social justice leader at the Womxn’s Resource Center. “Piper, our student justice leader who is in charge of the blog, really put a lot of work into making the blog and theme cohesive with who we are as a center.”

The Delphic Oracle draws inspiration from Pythia, the high priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. (Courtesy of John Collier)

The Delphic Oracle’s name derives from the ancient Greek mythology The Oracle of Delphi, which features Pythia, the high priestess that Greeks came to for advice. Using the reference, the writers of the blog hope to act as the priestess, sharing various advice with the community.

Piper Bridgman, a second-year art history and anthropology student and creator of the blog theme, believes that this mythology embodies the Womxn’s Resource Center’s mission to uplift women.

“To me, it’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, your perspective – and it’s also a creative outlet for me as an artist,” Bridgman said.

The Delphic Oracle consists of eight series that aims to share important information with the CPP community — from resources offered at the Womxn’s Resource Center to parenting support to self-care tips.

“Message from Iris,” one of the blog series, covers event announcements from the Womxn’s Resource Center and highlights prominent news that affects women. The series debuted by honoring Breonna Taylor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Another series to check out for those interested in women’s history is “Athena Knows Best,” which focuses on debunking myths and addressing common historic misconceptions. The latest blog post in the series discusses how the 19th Amendment did not grant all women the right to vote despite its intention. The blog also shines light on its failure to include women of color.

“It’s important to highlight the stories of women that contributed to where we are today, and those are stories not often told; they even white-washed that,” said Maria Cerce, coordinator of the Womxn’s Resource Center. “They don’t tell the truth of what happened, and they don’t give credit to women of color.”

In addition to its informative series, the blog also includes recreational content that promotes self-care. A series titled “Aphrodite’s Corner” includes various skincare tips that encourage readers to follow along. This month, students can learn how to create a berry-honey enzyme face mask while learning about the benefits of each ingredient.

Another series beneficial for some students is “Olympic Parents,” which aims to help student parents with tips on entertaining their children at home while social distancing through activities like making ice cream and having a science night.

With the variety of topics, the blog aims to offer something for everyone to read and try.

“I think the blog hits a lot of the topics that a lot of people nowadays don’t or won’t talk about, which I believe is a positive especially for the CPP community,” said Ally Orea, a fifth-year hospitality student.  “As a reader, I believe each article has something to contribute.”

On the 30th of every month at 5 p.m., the Womxn’s Resource Center will publish new posts on the blog for the CPP community to learn and enjoy.

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