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Generation Z: The throwback era keeping trends alive

Generation Z (Gen Z), unlike other generations, has a recycled fashion style, with very few original trends.  

Fashion highlights over the decades have included bell-bottom pants and groovy prints from the ‘70s; shoulder pads with neon everything in the ‘80s; flannels, cardigans and tiny sunglasses from the ‘90s and velour tracksuits and denim from the early 2000s.

(Eduardo Rangel | The Poly Post)

For today’s fashion, I couldn’t think of anything original other than Crocs. 

After tracing back popular fashion statements in each decade, I realized Generation Z skipped their awkward pre-teen phase because they’re bringing back well-loved styles from the past.

There is no doubt that fashion trends that were popular in the previous decades have inspired our generation today, especially the ‘90s.  

It is common to see high-waisted jeans that are also known as mom jeans and New Balance sneakers that are referred to as dad shoes out on the streets again. 

After all, the majority of us look through our parents’ closet to find vintage items if they haven’t passed down their favorite items already.

I’ve noticed plenty of accessories commonly worn in previous generations have made a strong comeback, trendier than ever. 

Brands are now manufacturing scrunchies, mini-backpacks, shoulder bags, tiny tinted sunglasses, bucket hats, printed scarfs and many ‘90s favorites again. 

There are many styles of shoes that have inspired comfort and effortlessness in today’s street and formal attire. 

Bulky sneakers, platform shoes and combat boots (Dr. Martens) are some shoe trends that were revived from previous decades. 

Today’s fashion is not so much “today’s” once I noticed multiple synchronies with previous decades’ fashion statements. Do you own a tri-colored windbreaker? Maybe an oversized flannel or several graphic tees? 

These apparel items are key players in today’s outfit trends, and they were carried over from the ‘90s along with straight jeans, bohemian prints and one-piece bathing suits.

Not all apparel pieces are exact replicas from the past, but they were definitely inspired. 

For example, fashion concepts such as cropped tops, wide pants, oversized tops and outerwear are all adopted from previous generations of fashion.

Other than fashion, Gen Z seems to have the power to bring anything back. 

Millennials and older Gen Z social media users have expressed their opinions, asking Gen Z to bring certain trends back. 

Lack in creativity is even more apparent due to the re-mastering of multiple childhood movies and shows. 

Disney has since released live action films of their classic animated films such as “Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cinderella” and soon “Mulan.”

In addition, television and streaming networks have rebooted sequel series like “Fuller House.” “Gilmore Girls,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (known as “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix) and “Jersey Shore.” These are a few examples of rebooted shows that bring back nostalgia.

Fashion and entertainment can be both tricky and easily criticized. 

However, we seem to be living past generations out in the present day.

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