CPP students gather around to play an interactive game based on young girl activists. (JOANNE GUINTU | THE POLY POST)

WRC Celebrates International Day of the Girl

The Womxn’s Resource Center celebrated and invited the campus community to participate in International Day of the Girl on campus last Friday on Oct. 11. 

The Womxn’s Resource Center uses an inclusive definition of “womxn” to welcome and accommodate for trans women, non-binary folks and genderqueer “womxn.” 

International Day of the Girl to some might sound like a fun day to celebrate girls and girl power, but it is much more than that. 

International Day of the Girl was established to highlight different issues girls face around the world. This day encourages girls to stand up and be leaders, improve their lives and speak on their beliefs and challenges. 

This day sheds light on recognizing and acting on the biases and injustice girls go through every day in our society. 

Oct. 11 is not just a day, it’s a worldwide movement. 

The Womxn’s Resource Center did not miss the chance to bring awareness to the challenges young girls face and to voice women empowerment. 

“One of the issues we wanted to highlight at our event today is how girls participate in activism … the issue of climate change and how girls around the world are contributing to activism movements,” said Sydney Torress, Womxn’s Resource Center events coordinator. 

CPP students gather around to play an interactive game based on young girl activists.
(Joanne Guintu | The Poly Post)

The Womxn’s Resource Center tabled outside from noon to 1:30 p.m. to educate the community on women’s rights and the differences girls face. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and gain insightful information from the coordinators. 

At the table, they had interactive games such as spin the wheel, photo opportunities and free Jamba Juice drinks. Students, faculty and staff participated in a game that required them to match a quote to a girl activist to learn more about her. 

“Students are actually really engaged and want to know the different activist(s). I think this is a really good way to not only know what’s on trend, but to learn more about climate change activists,” said Carla Castillo, a fourth-year international business and marketing major. 

Many of the students around the table were intrigued and surprised to learn the ages of these young activists. One of the child activists in the interactive game was Greta Thunberg, who is a 16-year-old Swedish activist who influenced her school community to take stronger action on voicing concerns about global warming. 

 “I felt that the event was very informative and eye opening to how younger generations strive to achieve justice and it is truly inspiring,” said Raya Hoque, a fourth-year human resources major. 

The Womxn’s Resource Center continues to promote and advocate for women’s justice not only on Oct. 11, but every day. 

Once a month, they hold Womxn Wednesday Workshops that focus on different issues and topics through a womans’ perspective. For more information on their upcoming events, follow them on Instagram or Facebook @cppwrc.

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