Movie premieres seem to get bigger and better every year, especially when the film is one piece of an entire franchise, but “Avengers: Endgame” is one of the most anticipated movies of all time.

Past franchises such as “Harry Potter,” “Rocky” and the “Twilight” saga have had people around the world waiting in mile-long lines outside the theater to try to be the first to see it. While these films have done well and captured hearts, the Infinity Saga has been building anticipation to its premiere of the finale for over a decade.

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Since the beginning of adapting books to films, fans have cherished seeing their favorite characters on the big screen.

The comic book community has seen its characters in video games, television shows and now films. Comic books already have a strong fanbase, and “Endgame” brings fans of multiple superheroes to the theater to see how this saga will end.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have waited for the release of “Endgame” for years. The Infinity Saga consists of 21 films about multiple characters that are featured in this final supersized Marvel team-up. Marvel dedicated 10 years toward establishing the background stories of 14 characters in order to have viewers connect with these characters.

Once it had people hooked on at least one of the superheroes featured, Marvel teamed them up to attract the fans of all characters to see this movie.

This is all one genius plot to keep fans coming back for more – and it paid off big time. Allowing each character to have a solo movie encouraged fans to care about them more.

Once Marvel combined all the fan favorites into the first “Avengers” movie, fans mobbed the theater to see their beloved characters interact with each other.

Combining this super-team into one film brings all the fans together. Now that the list of superheroes has increased from six to 14, fans are even more eager to see this group of Avengers (hopefully) take down Thanos.

The computer-generated imagery alone can be a reason to see this movie, as Marvel does a superior job compared to its rival, DC Comics, or any other film studio really.

While the prequel to this movie, “Avengers: Infinity War,” did receive some criticism for the storyline being difficult to follow due to the various worlds involved, one must admire the quality of imagery of each place in the Marvel universe.

On April 16, the co-directors of the “Avenger” movies, the Russo brothers, released a letter to fans asking everyone to respect the work of everyone involved in the making of the movie by not spoiling the ending for others. They stated that the ending will be surprising and an emotionally powerful conclusion – which makes people even more excited, and a little apprehensive to see this movie.

Directors always try to stray away from the piece that inspired the movie, but the Russo brothers have the world debating how the Infinity Saga will end. The fact that they took the time to send out this letter to try to make sure everyone will experience the ending is all the more reason that this movie is the biggest finale of all time.

The Russo brothers have mastered balancing aspects from the comics and keeping audience members on their toes by mixing things up.

Most people know how the comics end, but the Russo brothers have guaranteed to the world that the ending will surprise viewers, promising a surprise ending that will bring the comic fans to the theater to see how the original group of Avengers ends.

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