Stop picking poppies for ‘gram

Spring is finally here.

The rain has stopped and there is warmth in the air which means the super bloom has finally come.

This is the biggest super bloom since 2017, and it is beyond beautiful.

I visited the fields in Carlsbad during a recent weekend and the rainbow colors of the flowers were unbelievable.

With this super bloom came all the tourists.

(Elizabeth Aquino / The Poly Post)

There were so many people there when I went, and only a few were there to admire. Most were there for a photo shoot.

I did not see anyone pulling the flowers out to hold them and take pictures, but I did see people stepping and sitting on them.

If you search “super bloom” on Instagram, you will find thousands of pictures of people in the field, but what you won’t see is that people go off the designated trail and into the fields for those pictures.

Recently on Twitter, there have been some threads of pictures showing what the flowers look like after people lay, sit or stand on them.

They are completely destroyed and I don’t think this is good for the ecosystem of these flowers.

This can cause the flowers not to bloom the following spring, which is sad because of how beautiful the fields look.

Some of the popular places for these fields are Carlsbad, Joshua Tree National Park and Lake Elsinore.

These places are popular with tourists and because of so many people coming to take pictures, the parks have been closing trails due to parking issues.

Lake Elsinore closed off the fields because of what people have been doing to the flowers.

I saw children ripping and trampling over the flowers and it should be the parents’ duty to tell their kids that these flowers die when they are doing this.

Ripping these flowers or doing anything to these flowers is considered illegal in California and I do not understand how people who go to admire these flowers can destroy them.

In an aerial view of the parks, you can see dark spots of where the flowers used to be, but is now just dead plants.

It is disappointing to see these things happening when right now the environment is such a big topic discussed among people on social media and face-to-face.

There are designated walkways for a reason and the pictures come out just as great as when people are laying on the flowers.

There is no need to harm the flowers.

People should understand that these plants only come once a year — if we are lucky.

Taking care of them now can potentially lead to more in the upcoming spring seasons.

It is called the super bloom because unlike in 2017, there are multiple fields across Southern California for people to go admire, but people destroying these flowers will lead to all the parks being closed.

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