(Nicole Goss / The Poly Post)

Bombs, false reports raise tension

India and Pakistan have been enemies for decades now. There have always been conflicts between the two countries, but not like this.

(Nicole Goss / The Poly Post)

Last month, a suicide bombing was carried out by Pakistani terrorists in Kashmir, a region under India’s government.

In this bombing, 40 Indian troops were killed.

Tensions between the two countries increased when the Indian army carried out an airstrike, killing a large number of militants who India claimed were planning another attack.

India had not crossed over into Pakistan in over five decades, until now.

The militants in Pakistan retaliated by shooting down two Indian warplanes and capturing Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

He was kept for about a week and is now back home in India. It is known that he was used as a peace gesture between the two countries.

While all this was happening, the Indian citizens were in a frenzy.

People were posting on social media, showing hatred for terrorists and even Pakistanis.

I saw posts saying some very hateful and cruel things.

Posts were justifying the air strike that also killed innocent people.

Instead of strategically planning to take down terrorists, bombs were dropped over a large area where it was assumed the terrorists were located, which is not right.

Lives of innocent children were taken.

Indian celebrities voiced their opinions against the Indian prime minister’s decision on moving forward with the attack, as well as some of the public because India and Pakistan have been enemies for a long time.

The Indian public has hatred toward everyone there.

This leads to blindly judging and hating people who have nothing to do with the war that is going on.

The media is playing a big part in the rage that is within the Indian people.

They are exaggerating and falsifying the actions Pakistan has taken against India.

They are also glorifying India’s actions against Pakistan.

The lies told by the Indian media have influenced the mass public and the fault is not only theirs.

It is also the public’s responsibility.

They should not believe everything they hear on the news or read on the internet.

They should research the facts and find the truth before forming an opinion and publishing it on social media.

Both countries have dialed down the tension and have not made any further moves to attack.

India and Pakistan have had three wars in the past since their independence from Britain in 1947.

If these tensions continue to arise, a fourth war will be just around the corner.

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