As of now, your clocks should be set forward one hour, and if it hasn’t been done, then you were either late to something or very confused these past few days.

Sunday marked the beginning of spring daylight savings. Doesn’t it make you tired just thinking about it? The idea of getting one less hour of sleep is dreadful but there is a silver lining.

This means that our spring season is approaching and it’s time to wave goodbye to those cold winter days.

(Nicole Goss / The Poly Post)

The next time change will take place on Nov. 3.

Daylight savings was first proposed by William Willett to the British Parliament in 1907 to take advantage of the light of day.

However, this was quickly rejected.

Germany was the first country to enact daylight savings during World War I, and very soon after came the United States in March 1918.

The reason for this was to save energy. A common misconception of daylight savings is that this was implemented for farming.

On the contrary, farmers were opposed to this.

The change of hour disrupted their cycles along with the animals, making it difficult to make the adjustment.

Daylight savings is not so bad if you just look on the bright side of things.

An extra hour of daylight means that you have so much more time to get stuff done throughout the day.

Once the sun sets, most people begin to wind down.

There is this internal pressure that you are running out of time, unless you are nocturnal. For most people, productivity is achieved during the day.

Take advantage of this extra hour and the warmer weather that is approaching.

Allow the sun to motivate you to do more and to be more.

Being a college student can be hard considering everything that has to get done throughout the day.

Most students go to class, work, participate in an extracurricular and maintain a social life.

Get your work done earlier so that you have more time at night. We are in a very busy time in the semester; check the Starbucks line and see you for yourself. So, this time change could actually do you justice.

The sun setting later also means that you could stay at the beach for longer before it gets freezing cold.

You could go on a hike after class or work with less worry that something is going to come out of those bushes and attack you at 6 p.m.

Daylight savings is something to embrace.

Whether we like it or not, it happens every year.

It is a change that gives you the opportunity to feel refreshed from your normal routine.

This year, we should rise to the occasion like flowers do in the spring.

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