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Stress increases as finals approach

By Nate Macay, Dec. 06, 2022

Cal Poly Pomona’s Wellness Center will be assisting students during the fall semester finals week to help students deal with the pressure and stress that comes with being a college.

According to a recent study, 36.5% of U.S. college students claimed stress as the main reason why their academic performance suffered negatively over the past 12 months. This finals week, CPP will be offering various resources for students including help with course work and as well as ways to ease stress during finals week. 

The mind and heart research lab is hosted by the Kinesiology and Health Promotion Department, where students can find various different resources to help alleviate stress along with pandemic health resources as well. They offer guided audios, for both stress and pandemic health, yoga and meditation videos along with resources you can find through social media and stress support groups.

For more information visit the mind and heart research labs website for any of the available resources they offer. 

The Learning Resource Center is an option for students needing tutoring for their courses by offering individual and group tutoring along with course specific workshops. Kennedi Blackburn, clerical assistant at the LRC, mentioned that this is the busiest time of year.

“Making an appointment ahead of time is recommended,” said Blackburn. “The easiest way to make an appointment is to call us to make sure you have something secured and that way there is room for less error on our end.” 

Students can use the university library for computers, printing and scanning their documents and reserve rooms to study. Josh Vasquez, a fourth-year biology student, mentioned that finals have always been rough for him and that this year, he has a different routine compared to previous years to prepare for finals. 

“I just plan on setting aside more time to spend in the library,” said Vasquez. “This year I have a lot of lab work for my classes, so it’s been different from past finals for me, it’s just been a lot of homework and I’ll do my best to spend less time at home and here on campus to study.”

Nate Macay | The Poly Post

Information about hours during pre-finals and finals, and services offered to students can be found on the university library’s website.

ASI will offer yoga classes throughout the week of finals and evening Muay Thai classes to help relieve any kind of stress from the day. For more information on these events visit the events page on the ASI website.

The Wellness Center will be giving out stress balls, hand massagers, healthy snacks, information on healthy sleep and ways to make sure you are eating right that will be happening this week. 

A stress management fair will be held in the Ursa Major on Dec. 7, hosted by the Wellness Center where they will offer different types of stations that will include activities that involve breathing, stretching and nutrition. 

The wellness center is currently offering free scantrons for students and toolkits to help with stress and managing sleep. Stress management coaching sessions and one on one sessions are also available for students at the wellness center and can visit their website for more information. 

Kenya Rampersant, senior coordinator of health promotions wellness services at the Wellness Center, knows the struggle for college students during finals week and gave insight on how to overcome some of the stress. 

“Take plenty of breaks during long periods of studying,” said Rampersant. “Students, don’t forget to still have proper nutrition and lots of rest as well.” 

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