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CPP health policies varies among professors

By Aanuoluwapo Akingbemi, Dec. 06, 2022

As more students return to in-person learning following the pandemic, many professors are being more accommodating in their absence policies.

 The increased percentage of in-person classes after over a year and a half of online learning has been welcomed by many and perceived as an inconvenience by some. Students might have differing opinions on the switch back to in-person, though the collective effort from staff and students to help make the transition smooth, is important for new college students. 

While the COVID-19 related health policies, such as wearing masks and isolating after exposure, may have lightened and are no longer enforced or required on a strict scale, students have been falling ill. As a result, they have had to miss school in order to give themselves their needed rest and isolate themselves from other students to avoid spreading the virus. 

“From my experience, I personally haven’t gotten sick or had to miss class here, but from what I’ve seen in other people who have gotten sick and missed class, my professors have been really good about their sickness policies and letting us retake exams and assignments,” said computer science student, Damian Kryzia. “So I personally think the policies are really good here on campus.”

Professors with accommodating policies help remove the burden and stress that comes with falling a little behind schedule from students because it lets them know that they are supported and the fear of missing out on assignments isn’t something they should hold on to. 

Aanu Akingbemi | The Poly Post

“For the most part, I do think that they are pretty understanding. There was an exposure in class and we all received an email, he informed us right away, you know, mask up, if you aren’t feeling well, don’t come to class,” said kinesiology student Kelsey Ehinlaiye.  “So I would say they do pay attention to obviously your health and how you feel on campus and you’re old enough to know that if you’re not feeling well, don’t come to campus.” 

The responsibility of fostering a smooth transition into in-person learning also falls on the students. It is up to the students to voice their needs to their professors and to do so in a timely manner. 

Landon Manka, a civil engineering student said, “The syllabus makes it pretty strict but a lot of professors are pretty lenient. However, students are afraid of getting sick last minute and having to miss school the next day because they might be unable to email their professors on time.”

Generally, students find that their professors show leniency when it comes to them having to miss class or fall behind on their tests and quizzes. 

The learning environment most CPP students have professed to have is something they deem to be very beneficial to their success as students. 

Returning back to in-person learning has been fairly smooth due to the fair policies and level of support that the lecturers extend to  students. 

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