ROTS: CPP Spring Breakers

By Carolina Maciel & Jocelyn Reyes, March 21, 2023

As spring break approaches, students are looking forward to their activities and plans. Whether it’s traveling, hanging out with friends and family or simply just staying home, students are eager to get a break from their classes. Cal Poly Pomona students share what they planned for spring break. Within a week, many students will be heading back home and enjoying their spring break.  

Mathieu Reyes | chemical engineering  

 “If I have the chance, I’m going to drive back up the Bay Area and hang out with my high school friends and sleep over and make them do crazy things. 


Fabian Larios | psychology 

  “I haven’t had any plans at the moment, but I’ll probably reconnect with my friends because everyones been busy with their lives. 


Scotty Ninh | communication 

 “Planning on shooting short films and my friends and I are trying to do this challenge of shooting 30 short films in the span of a month. Narratives about our lives and things we think about late at night. 


August Mehner | biology 

“This spring break I’m probably going to go skiing. It’s always a great time to go rushing down a mountain, feel the wind on your face and just get your endorphins going.”  


Sylvia Phung | biology  

“I will be taking a mental health rest. Some activities include catching up on sleep, drawing and going to the arcade with friends. I look forward to taking this break because sometimes school is overwhelming and I do not like that very much.” 


Santiago Mendez | biochemistry 

 “I’m going to Mexico to visit my family over spring break and I’m really looking forward to it. 


Patrick Arceo | applied anthropology  

 “This spring break I’m going hiking every day if the weather allows it. I might go out with friends to a rave and dance a little. Also do some spring cleaning, tidy up the house get ready for finals and graduation.” 


Feature image courtesy of Annie Spratt

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