Poly predictions: Aries 2020

Sign of the Ram:

For those born between March 21 to April 20, your sun sign is Aries, the first sign in the zodiac. The ram is the symbol for the Aries sign. Aries-born people, just like the ram, are known for charging head-on toward any challenges they face. 

Aries is one of the three fire signs, along with Leo and Sagittarius. People who are born into a fire sign are usually associated with passionate, spontaneous and outspoken characteristics. 

Aries personality traits:

Those who feel a connection with their sign know that Aries people can have strong personalities. Just like the ram, Aries are headstrong, independent, energetic, leading and assertive. These traits allow Aries-born people to make themselves known to others easily.

“We (Aries) are the first of the zodiac and we have a playful energy to live life to the fullest,” third-year criminology student Jizelle Morando said. “Aries are risky, impulsive and spur- of-the-moment types, but who doesn’t like things on a whim? Aries people are always up for a challenge and have a fun outlook on life. Who wouldn’t want to be around an Aries?” 

Typical weaknesses of the Aries sign can be stubbornness, impulsiveness, selfishness and arrogance. 

Not every Aries considers certain characteristics to be a weakness. Second-year gender, ethnic and multicultural studies student LJ Frazier recognizes stubbornness to be a positive quality for her.

“I am stubborn, but I don’t see it in a negative way because it makes me more determined to get to my goals,” Frazier said. 

(Courtesy of Eduardo Rangel)

Family and friends:

Aries have strong connections to friends and family and put all their energy into those relationships. Sometimes Aries can push others away with their competitiveness and stubbornness, but those closest to them know that no harm is meant by it.

“My brutal honesty can sometimes translate to blunt and rude behavior,” said Carolin John, a first-year computer science student. “While my honesty can socially hinder me, it’s usually more beneficial because (it) allows me to cut off toxic people. However, this also allows my few close relationships to be incredibly intense and genuine as my friends know I do not hide my feelings.” 

Love and relationships:

COVID-19 precautions have limited all in-person interactions until further notice. Luckily, there are plenty of ways online to find love and romance during quarantine and social distancing. @CPP.tinder is a popular account on Instagram that helps CPP students connect with each other. 

Isolation, however, isn’t a problem for Aries, who enjoy independence from others. Time alone isn’t a bad thing and can be beneficial for self-reflection and relaxation. Sometimes, the most important relationship to work on is with yourself.

To those looking for love, website Café Astrology says, “Your attractions are impulsive, you can be attracted to many different types of people. However, if you are going to share much time with someone, a rather independent type is best for you. Close sharing and intimacy can sometimes try your patience, and a whining or dependent partner will wear you out quickly.”

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