Taking a break from the screen and reading a good book is a healthy way of allowing your mind to escape. ( JOANNE GUINTU | THE POLY POST)

Good reads to escape solitary during quarantine

As we find ourselves completely unaware of what day of the week it is, drowning in piles of homework and staying in our pajamas all day, take a break from staring at a screen and pick up a book. Although many bookstores are temporarily closed, booksellers still offer shipments of books to your door and access to digital copies. Here, I bring to you some captivating and awe-inspiring books to add to your must-read book list.

‘All the Bright Places’

*TRIGGER WARNING* This book contains references to suicide and mental health. 

“All the Bright Places” (2015) is the best-selling novel by Jennifer Nirven. This young adult book sends a powerful and compelling message about love and personal battles. Violet and Finch are two high schoolers from opposite ends of the ends of the social spectrum who find each other at the top of the bell tower. They learn that they need each other more than anything and relationships can sprout from the most unusual of times. This book is now a major motion picture and available to watch on Netflix. 

Taking a break from the screen and reading a good book is a healthy way of allowing your mind to escape.
(Joanne Guintu | The Poly Post)

‘The Outsider’

For all thriller and horror fanatics, Stephen King brings to you another one of his most talented works. “The Outsider” (2018) is a wild goose chase and a murder mystery all in one. This book is about a young boy who was found cruelly murdered in a small town. Tips and evidence come in, pointing to the town’s well-known English teacher and soccer coach, Terry Maitland. Detective Ralph Anderson has no choice but to publicly arrest Maitland. The real question is, “Does Terry really have a dark side that no one knows about him, or is he innocent?” This book will leave you digging for more answers, and, of course, King brings his usual eerie and supernatural style to this story. 

‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’

If you are looking for that motivation and change in your life, this is the self-help book for you. Stephen Covey shares his insight about how changing your patterns in life will positively change your mentality and relationships in life. This book, originally published in 1989, encourages you to make a shift in perspective and apply these lessons to your work life, relationships, time management, mentality and more. This book is not a light read, but one that will have you highlighting and leaving notes in it. 

‘I Hope You Stay’

“I Hope You Stay” is Courtney Peppernel’s newest poetry book released this year. This book is a collection of poetry with words of light in times of darkness, heartbreak, hope and healing. It will move you and touch your heart. This book feels like a friend giving you a hug or a warm blanket wrapped around you. 

Getting lost in a book will make your time in quarantine go by so fast and become much more enjoyable. 

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