Women’s basketball ranks 4-7 in CCAA standings after falling short against Cal State Dominguez Hills

By Aaliyah M. Murillo, Feb 1, 2022

On Jan. 27, the CPP women’s basketball team fell short against Cal State Dominguez Hills, which closed out with a score of 65- 62. The loss places them in a 5-10 overall and 4-7 in the CCAA.

The Broncos lost by three points, but they remain No. 1 in the team three-point FG percentage. Guard Ally Bates was the top scorer of the game with 22 points, 18 of which were three-pointers.

“Honestly, I hate missing,” said Bates on her shot game routine. “So, just any shot I put up, I just think, ‘I want to make it and put points on the board for our team, I want to win, I want to put it in.’”

Danelle Bishop, head coach, stands sideline, prepared to lead the Broncos against CSU Dominguez Hills. (Courtesy of Tyler Lobe)


Bates, in the first quarter, hit two three-pointers ending the quarter with 17-16 advantage.

In the second quarter, forward Monica Todd made back-to-back shots, with one being off her own offensive rebound. The Broncos finished the first half with 26 turnovers but maintained their lead with a 30-26 advantage.

CSU Dominguez Hills started off the third quarter with 2 points, leaving them at 30-28. During this quarter, Bates made her fifth three-pointer of the game, stabilizing a lead of 35-30.

Notably, forward Rebecca Islas connected a three-pointer, extending the score to 48-42 in the third quarter.

The Broncos scored 21 points in the third quarter while CSU Dominguez Hills netted 18 points.

Center Ciara James, made the first shot of the fourth quarter to advance to 53-46.

The Broncos were taken to the free-throw line three times and picked up their offensive rebound after missed free throws; Guard Jayda Villareal ended the sequence with a jumper, placing the Broncos ahead 51-44.

Despite their hustle, CPP fell short three-points. CSU Dominguez Hills outscored the Broncos in the fourth quarter, 21-11.

Head coach Danelle Bishop commented on the teams’ turnovers. “We practice against seven defenders every day to work on that,” said Bishop. With nine games left in the season, CPP ranks eighth in the CCAA standings.

Center James led the game in rebounds with 13.

James won the “Rebound Championship Belt” for the game, a team ritual performed on the teams Instagram account.

“We got out rebounded by them last time, and we out rebounded them this time,” said Bishop. The Broncos outrebounded Dominguez Hills 46-43.

Todd won the “Hustle Award.” She does it all the time, in practice, no matter what day it is,” said Bates on behalf of Todd’s award given by the team. “Everyday. That’s what she does.”

The team is now focusing on strengthening for its next match, by routinely emphasizing the communication on the field, said Todd.

“We’re just happy to be playing, honestly,” said Bates, “We don’t have time to dwell. We have another game around the corner.”

The Broncos take the court Feb. 3 kicking off their four-game road trip with CSU, Chico

Feature image courtesy of Tyler Lobe.

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