CPP B’s rightfully earned map 1 victory shot. (Courtesy of Bronco Esports)

Bronco Esports fights through Week 2 & 3 of the CEA Valorant Tournament

Bronco Esports, CPP’s gaming club, finished battling their week three opponents in the Collegiate Esports Association’s Fall Valorant Tournament on Oct. 2 where CPP improved in their gameplay and added seven points to the scoreboard.

CPP Aqua was scheduled to play against Lake University but had to forfeit for the third time as the team retained an incomplete roster. This follows forfeits from the team in the first and second weeks of the tournament due to a player’s scheduling conflict. A fourth forfeit from the team will result in their disqualification from the tournament.

CPP Aqua is looking to recruit new players to the team in time to play the last two weeks of the group stage.

CPP Blue played against Highlander Gaming from UC Riverside. CPP B played map one on Bind and lost 10-13. Their map two was played on Ascent where they won 13-2. Both teams received one point for this round.

CPP Cyan competed against Purdue University and came out victorious. They won both the Bind and Ascent maps 13-6. “This week’s teams average was much closer to ours,” said Cesar Tenorio, a second-year business student. “In fact, I think we had the advantage, so we kind of just played with confidence.”

CPP B’s rightfully earned map 1 victory shot. (Courtesy of Bronco Esports)

Week two played out the previous Friday on Sept. 25 and did not go as planned for two of the three CPP teams.

CPP Aqua matched with ONU from Ohio Northern University, but both teams forfeited. CPP A was unable to play because they were down one player.

On a similar note, CPP Cyan was slated to play against GTU from Georgia Tech University, but GTU forfeited, giving CPP C three free points.

CPP Blue played their week two match with no complications. The match was held a few days earlier on Tuesday, Sept. 22 because other players were unable to make the set Friday date. They competed against UTSA bVad from University of Texas, San Antonio.

CPP Blue won 13-7 on their first map on Ascent but lost 9-13 on their second map on Bind. For map two, CPP B was at a score of 0-4 and did not get on the scoreboard until round five. The team struggled playing as characters they were unfamiliar with, according to team captain Chris Truong, a third-year international business student.

One of the players also felt that they underestimated their opponent during their second map. “I think we kind of let our guard down because we won the first game already … and we were trying out new things during our tournament match which didn’t work out,” said Kevin Yan, a third-year computer information systems student.

As of week three, CPP A has a total of three points in Division 3, CPP B is second place in Division 2 with five points and CPP C is in third place in Division 1 with six points.

Each team’s total round differential will decide the eight teams from each division that advance to the playoffs. This is calculated by subtracting the total number of rounds the team lost from the total number of rounds that team won.

Week 4 matches start on Oct. 9 at 6 p.m. More information can be found at the CEA League website. https://ceahub.gg/league/event/26e86c7b-33a5-47f0-b1dd-3abe20bb76f5/cea-valorant-fall-2020

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