CPP athletics launches podcast, The BroncCast

The CPP Department of Intercollegiate Athletics launched the first episode of its podcast on Sept. 1. The BroncCast, hosted by Assistant Athletics Director for Communication Tyler Lobe, aims to be a hub for student-athletes, coaches, staff members and outside guests to discuss not only sports, but academics, life and broader issues as well.

Lobe started the podcast to provide on-lookers or “on-listeners” a better individual experience with the university’s athletics department.

“It is an opportunity to feature our student-athletes and what they’re up to, how things are going and not just their academics but, life in general,” Lobe said. “We all have our stories, we’re all at home, and we all have our different situations. I think getting the message out there, to show people our athletes, is important. That’s kind of why I wanted to start this podcast.”

(Courtesy of Tyler Lobe)

The podcast intends to go beyond student-athletes by also featuring coaches and faculty. “I want to get the coaches perspective on things and also highlight their personalities because people may see a headshot somewhere on the website or they see their picture somewhere but they don’t get to interact with them,” Lobe said.

Women’s soccer head coach and podcast participant Jay Mason described his experience on the podcast with his athletes as “fun” and “important,” as it gave a platform for them all to speak up on some of the positive things to come out of the pandemic.

“I think It’s great for the girls to have something to look forward to and have the opportunity to talk about some of their successes this past season,” Mason said.

Head volleyball coach Traci Dahl, junior setter Kira Zimmerman and sophomore middle blocker Kaitlan Tucker featured in episode #2 of The BroncCast. (Courtesy of Tyler Lobe)

Interviews are conducted via Zoom during the pandemic, allowing Lobe to reach out to a plethora of collaborators outside of the athletics department. Lobe also expressed an interest in featuring CCAA Commissioner Mitch Cox on the podcast to fill the public in on plans for all CCAA athletics going forward.

Lobe emphasized that there is more enjoyment in listening to the athletic participants than simply reading about them. With a lack of game content in the CCAA conference, he feels this podcast is an opportunity to push out fresh content.

“I can sit here and write 20, 30, 40 featured stories for the website but after a while, I would get burnt out from writing all those stories and I think it’s a lot more fun for people to see and hear the student-athletes speak,” Lobe said.

The podcast will air on all major podcast platforms as well as the department’s website, where episodes one and two are streaming now.


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