Campus food options: Marketplace versus BSC

There are so many different wonderful options at Cal Poly Pomona when it comes to food. There is a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy, from salads to sandwiches to sushi and so much more. 


The Campus Center Marketplace, located near Building 5 and across the university quad, has a variety of choices. 

Panda Express, Carl’s Jr., Fresh Escape, Taco Bell and International Grounds, which conveniently serves Starbucks, are all substantial options. On the other hand, you also have the Bronco Student Center (BSC), which has delicious choices such as Qdoba, Subway, Hibachi-San, Poly Fresh, Saddles Cafe and Round Table Pizza. 

Some days I crave a certain food, making it a fast and easy choice to order what I want from where I want. Other times, it’s up in the air and I’m not sure what I want to eat, but the fact that there are so many great choices on campus makes it a bit easier to choose. 

Let’s start with the Marketplace. Given the array of choices it offers, I really enjoy the salad bar at Fresh Escape the most. It is the healthiest choice on campus, allowing you to create the perfect salad to your exact liking. The Marketplace also offers other food choices, such as Panda Express. 

Panda Express is one of the most popular places to eat on campus, with the line always out the door. It never gets old and continues to be a favorite for students at CPP. 

Carl’s Jr. is another good choice if you are in the mood for a juicy burger, however it does not offer everything a normal Carl’s Jr. menu has. 

For example, one time I wanted to order chicken nuggets, but it turns out they do not serve them. Bummer. Taco Bell is also a popular choice when I am hankering for some tacos or even some nachos. 

Same dilemma as Carl’s Jr., however – they do not offer everything a normal Taco Bell menu does outside of school.  

Moving to the BSC options, Qdoba is definitely my favorite option at the BSC. 

It is delicious and packed with inviting flavors. 

I have never been a fan of raw fish, so I never tried Hibachi-San, though it is an admired choice for many students. Saddles Cafe is a splendid place to pick up a coffee in the morning and it also offers salads and pastries. 

Who doesn’t love pizza? Round Table Pizza is the only place on campus that serves pizza, fresh from the oven. It never disappoints. 

If you want to grab a quick bite, then the Pony Express in the BSC is a good option with reasonable prices. 

I do wish that the pricing for all these places were a bit cheaper. There are a lot of students who can’t always afford the food on campus, so a cheaper option on campus would be helpful to those who can’t always afford the big places like Panda or Subway. 

With all these selections on campus, and a few more outside of the Marketplace and BSC, such as the Poly Trolley, Starbucks and Einstein Bros. Bagels, CPP does offer a decent variety of food for students to chose from, but who is the winner? 

Well, that is a personal decision, and I have to go with the Marketplace. 

I appreciate the salad bar the most because of its array of salad topping options, and it’s my favorite place to grab a healthy meal after the gym or before class. 

The Marketplace wins for me because there are more options that I enjoy. 

They have a little bit of everything, and offer a wide range of appetizing food for whatever refreshments I want.

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