Love is in the air and so is consent

It’s frustrating that consent has to be reiterated so much, isn’t it? 

We have to keep having this conversation because some still can’t wrap their heads around “‘no’ means ‘no.’” It doesn’t get any simpler than that, yet some people need it spelled out.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so many of you probably have your plans set. That’s wonderful. Live your best life if you will, but let’s have a quick talk about consent first.

The concept itself is easy enough to grasp: “No” means “no” when participating in sexual activity.  

But when it comes down to it, how many people actually stop when the other person doesn’t reciprocate? 

We’re holding everyone accountable, so this goes out to my persistent ladies and insistent men.

Consent needs to be established before, during and after. 

Make sure your partner is comfortable with everything every step of the way.  And no, this doesn’t mean to make it into a joke about securing consent. 

In most cases, it’s as easy as one, two and three:

1.)Recognize if someone’s mood shifts into discomfort. 

2.)Make sure that it’s OK with them to continue. 

3.)If it’s not, then respect that. 

In other cases, like that Valentine-themed party that may be coming up, don’t assume consent from anyone who is intoxicated. 

If you’re not sure about how drunk someone is, don’t try anything beyond making sure he or she gets home safe.

Don’t make anyone feel pressured to do anything that they don’t want to do. 

If they don’t appear comfortable, don’t insist further. You want them to be into it as much as you are. 

Feb. 14 is a day for love of all forms. So, do your thing. Get your freak on. Just make sure everything is mutually consensual.

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