Kaila Canzon | Second-year civil engineering student

Students are ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and many Broncos are ready to feel the love. Cal Poly Pomona students shared their plans for Valentine’s Day, which lands on Friday. Spreading the love isn’t always romantic, which many students made especially clear. 

Kaila Canzon | Second-year civil engineering student

“I’m probably just going to be on campus, but I’m also going to be at work for the weekend. I work at Disneyland, so it’s going to be like, fun to see all the couples. My boyfriend, he’ll send me something, but we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s not something we personally believe in as much to celebrate enough.”

Hector Avila | Fourth-year international business student

“I think I’m working an event with the (Cesar Chavez) Center. I’ll probably go home, watch Netflix. I have a lot of homework; I’ll probably try to study, but maybe I’ll take the day for self-care.”

Carla P. Castillo | Fourth-year international marketing student

“For Valentine’s Day I wanted to take my parents and my family out to eat, because despite being single, Valentine’s Day always makes me feel single, but Valentine’s Day is also a day to show your appreciation and love to your family members and friends.”

Kalin Lapena | Fourth-year gender, ethnicity and multicultural studies student

“As I am currently single, I actually just plan on making brownies and then just giving them out to friends. The sad part is I don’t have class on that day, so I don’t necessarily have to come to school. I’ll probably do it a day in advance and then have (Valentine’s Day) be a self-care day.”

Cristopher Martinez | Second-year plant science student

“I think I’m going to treat myself on that day, as well as my family and friends. Let them know they’re appreciated and loved by me; I feel like that’s important. I’m not going to buy them anything because, you know, we’re broke.”

Robert Aceret | Second-year anthropology student

“I’m actually taking my girlfriend out to a Japanese barbecue place. Then after I plan to have a night picnic with a candlelit dinner.”

Ray Medina | Fifth-year psychology student

“Recently I saw that ASI is having its Flick-N-Float coming up and I always wanted to go to those. Usually I have work, so I never got to go but this time it’s on a Friday, so they have ‘Ratatouille’ on, which I really like that movie. So I’m planning still, and if nothing pops up by random chance, (I’ll) still go to that with a friend.”

Photos and quotes compiled by staff writer Zuvanny Macias

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