Should filibusters get filibusted?

The United States has a long list of problems such as health care, gun control and prison reforms. The public desperately needs solutions to these problems.

The Democratic presidential candidates believe they can change this. And I believe they can, too.

The top 10 Democratic candidates met on Sept. 12 in Houston, Texas, for the third Democratic Party presidential debate. The candidates brought up an interesting call of action that might help solve problems faster: ending filibusters.

Filibusters are lengthened speeches used to stall issues being debated upon in the Senate or the House of Representatives. When an issue is interrupted by a filibuster, the proposal is often dropped.

In some cases, filibusters can appear as a great tool in democracy. A senator has the right to use this tactic to stop the discussion of a proposition from coming to a vote.

Filibusters can also help start a debate on certain topics. By using these elongated speeches, one can use the hours of talking to bring up a pressing issue not being considered before in Congress.

But filibusters create plenty of negative effects throughout the government and the public rather than good ones.

According to ABC, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., brought up the discussion of fili- busters in the Democratic debate with her own personal account in the Senate.

“I was in the United States Senate when 54 senators said, ‘Let’s do background checks; let’s get rid of assault weapons. And with 54 senators, it failed because of the filibuster,” Warren said. “Until we attack the systematic problem, we can’t get gun control in this country.”

(Stephanie Amaya | The Poly Post)

The eradication of filibusters is needed to continue change in the governmental system at a faster pace. Filibusters stop the wheels of justice.

With recent misfortunes and troubles throughout the nation, the government should have passed beneficial laws already. Instead, they are not fulfilling their basic role.

The end of the filibuster will help the process to create change that will protect the American society better and more efficiently.

Filibusters waste time and tax money. For example, the longest filibuster in American government history was over 24 hours long.

Filibusters are used as a weapon often to either prevent or delay a bill that can better the lives of citizens.

The fact that precious time in Washington D.C. is used to halt proposals in Congress instead of passing life-saving policies and laws is just sickening.

I want to feel safe, to read happy headlines and to know the United States is one of the safest countries in the world.

Instead, I feel scared, read headlines of devastating events and know the United States is becoming a more dangerous country to live in.

The Democratic Party and its presidential candidates are moving in the right direction to help citizens live the American dream. The Trump Administration wants to blame anyone other than itself for the problems happening in our country. But they must work internally since nothing they’ve been doing recently has helped. The elimination of the filibuster is the start to change this country for the better.

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