Students need nap rooms on campus

The clock reads 2 p.m. You’re sitting in a packed lecture hall with your hand holding up your face to prevent your heavy head from crashing onto your desk.

You’re tempted to close your eyes for a second, but you know that doing so will only lead you into a deep sleep.

(Stephanie Amaya | The Poly Post)

If only you could have gotten a few extra hours of sleep last night or snuck in a quick power nap before this class.

Unfortunately, finding a place to nap in between classes, other than in the “comfort” of your sweltering, hot car, is nearly impossible.

The lack of private and quiet napping spaces is an issue among students, especially for commuters who don’t have the luxury of spending their gaps in an on-campus dorm. However, establishing designated nap rooms on campus could resolve this issue.

According to, U.S. students are one of the most sleep-deprived groups in the world.

With the responsibilities of balancing school, jobs, extracurriculars and heavy workloads, while still keeping up with family time and a social life, it’s not a huge mystery why college students struggle with maintaining a healthy sleep schedule.

But not getting enough sleep can create even bigger problems than just feeling tired during the day.

Forbes has reported that lack of sleep not only causes you to be less productive and sluggish, but it can also lead you to develop serious health problems, like a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, depression and more.

Though sleeping a full eight hours every night is the most effective way to feel energized and productive, not every student has the luxury of sleeping that long, which is why establishing a private and comfortable nap room for students is important.

Most students at CPP spend a majority of their day on campus and could benefit from a quick power nap to help them feel more alert and refreshed.

It can be difficult though, because napping in public areas like the library or BSC can feel uncomfortable and somewhat intrusive.

By creating a private nap room, students can feel more secure and safe about napping and getting the quick rest they need. Having a nap room on campus also isn’t a far-fetched or unrealistic idea. Many universities have already established them on their campuses.

For example, the University of Michigan has nap stations in its library, allowing students to rest in a private cot for up to 30 minutes.

Nap rooms are even becoming increasingly popular in the working world. Well-known companies like Google and Salesforce have setup nap pods in their offices, to keep tired workers on track.

CPP has been making noticeable strides to enhance student well-being, through programs like Broncos Care Basic Needs Program and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), but sleep deprivation has always been a topic that is overlooked.

Establishing a nap room on campus can help students feel more focused and awake in their classes, as well as make tough days at school more relaxing and manageable.

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