New Year’s resolution solutions

The beginning of the year, like a race, represents a clean slate and new opportunities.

A common practice is to set an objective for the year.

New Year’s resolutions could include exercising, getting a higher GPA, learning how to drive or starting a gardening podcast.

Resolutions are generally beneficial, but most people have difficulties maintaining their goals throughout the year.

If you have not been so lucky with your resolutions or want to further your progress, consider the following: communicating with others, reminding yourself of and simplifying your goals, and finding a way to measure your outcomes.

Solutions to New Year’s resolutions are simple and will revamp your year.


Keeping your New Year’s resolution locked in your head may pose a problem. Throughout the day, thousands of thoughts can cross your mind, which may take focus from the garden you wanted to plant or the book you desired to finish this year. Write down your resolutions and place the list somewhere noticeable like the refrigerator or frame it on a wall. If it is a private goal, save it to your desktop or jot it down on a notepad.

Openly communicating your resolution keeps you accountable to your goals. Discussing the specifics of what you want to achieve with a peer or family member guarantees a feeling of responsibility toward the resolution. By talking about your goals with others, a supportive community is created and your goal is brought to existence.

Developing measurable resolutions is another solution. Saying “I want to be a more efficient club president” is an outstanding goal for students. However, there is no such thing as a magical Efficient-O-Meter that sounds when we use our time wisely.

Having a goal along the lines of, “I will use my club’s meeting time productively by following the agenda and staying open to new ideas,” is more measurable. Members of the club could provide feedback and keep you on schedule, making it easier to grasp the progress of your goal.

When facing a task, it may be easier to split it into smaller tasks, rather than attempting to complete it all at once. Dividing your resolutions into smaller steps is a realistic way to accomplish them. Breaking down your resolution into long-term and short-term goals is a productive approach to success. Think of a 12-step process to follow throughout the year and make each step closer to your goal each month.

Before setting New Year’s resolutions, keep in mind goals must be practical in order to avoid overwhelming yourself at the beginning of the year. Discouragement from over-promising goals can lead you to failing your plan.

Make 2019 the year you file your taxes, travel, participate in a rally, get a job or whatever your resolute heart desires with these resolution solutions.

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