President Soraya M. Coley poses with Billy Bronco and students at Hot Dog Caper | Alexander Novoa

CPP has a “super” successful turnout at 40th annual Hot Dog Caper

By Evelyn Jimenez-Argueta and Daisette Verdin, Oct. 24, 2023

The 40th Annual Hot Dog Caper had a successful turnout at the Bronco Commons  Oct. 19.

Before the event began, the grounds were filled with students who were ready to participate in the different activities. As the countdown began, students raced to line up in the different tents located on the grounds, each containing different items from food to prizes.

“I  understand this is the 40th year that we’ve been doing something like this, but it’s the 85th year of celebration for the university, and it is such a wonderful time to bring folks together.” said University President Soraya M. Coley as she was handing out hot dogs.

Students received two hot dogs, a choice of chips between Lays and Doritos, popsicles and drinks like Pepsi, Rockstar, water and root beer from the Innovation Brew Works. There was also a 360-photo booth and a balloon twist line where students could get  a free twisting balloon of their choice.

“I really get a chance to see students with different backgrounds and different majors, so it’s a fun time,” said Coley. “When you are as large as we are, we have to find ways that bring the breadth of students together. It’s a way for them to meet the vice president, staff, faculty or people who volunteer or other students, and so it’s what community looks like, and we are glad to do that.”

Students dressed as hot dogs await their turn to enjoy company and good food. | Alexander Novoa

Representatives from different sponsors, such as Pepsi, Hoffy Beef Franks, First Class Vending, Bronco Athletics, ASICPP  Foothill Transits and CPP Facilities Planning & Management, attended the event and had their own tents where students were able to win different kinds of prizes.

Also, administrators, students and faculty who volunteered to help hand out different items at the Hot Dog Caper.

“I was helping to give out condiments in the mass of folks coming to grab stuff for their hot dogs because a lot of students showed up, but one of my favorite parts of this event is there’s entertainment and impersonators and people in costumes,” said Maria Cerce, senior coordinator for Identity Education and Campus Partnership at the Center for Transformation Retention Equity and Empowerment.

Volunteers hand out hot dogs to student faculty and staff. | Alexander Novoa

The Hot Dog Caper was hosted during week eight of the semester,  halfway through the school year. Some students are going through their midterms these past couple days so the event was able to relieve some stress for students who have been studying hard.

“I just finished my midterms yesterday, so this is nice because it gives me a chance to relax and hang out with my friends,”  said Esteban Acosta-Martin, a physics student.  “I got an email about the event, but I honestly forgot about it so my friends reminded me today and I was like, ‘Oh yea, we gotta go get some glizzy’s.’”

Feature Image Courtesy of Alexander Novoa

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