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CPP ASI Student Government debates CFA strike and town hall meeting date

By William Jack, Oct.24, 2023

In an Associated Students Incorporated government meeting held Thursday, Oct. 12,  at the Bronco Student Center, several significant discussions regarding the faculty strike took center stage.

The meeting, marked by passionate debates, started with a proposal by Lorelei Claxton, the College of Education and Integrative Studies senator, which initiated discussions regarding a potential California Faculty Association strike and an adjustment to the town hall meeting schedule.

Claxton spearheaded the discussion surrounding the impending CFA strike, its potential impact on students and faculty and the role of the ASI board in supporting the academic community.

Claxton highlighted that while the CFA strike might not pose a direct threat to her own major, she was aware of the potential consequences for students in programs requiring hands-on experience.

“In my major, I’m not scared about how it affects my education, but maybe an engineering student who needs to learn aerodynamics and it takes a distinct amount of time, like that will be difficult for them when they go to apply the skills in the industry,” said Claxton.

There will be a vote, Oct. 21, to approve the CFA strike, with the voting period concluding at 5 p.m. Oct. 27. Should more than half of the faculty members cast a “yes” vote, the CFA Board of Directors will gain the authority to approve a strike, if required.

Members of ASI Student Government discuss meeting agenda. | William Jack

Ilke (LK) Suzer, ASI president, assured students any information regarding the strike from either the university or faculty side would be shared with ASI student government leaders and subsequently incorporated into a campus-wide update.

Naman Pandadiya, ASI vice president, echoed the importance of keeping students informed about the strike.

“To protect the integrity of our school, professors have the right to strike, and students have a right to know what is going on,” said Pandadiya. “Being informed about the strike’s details is vital for students and the entire campus community.

Another crucial item on the agenda was a proposal to change the day of the town hall meeting from a Friday to a day when more students are on campus. The intent was to gauge whether such a shift could make the meetings more convenient for students and council members.

Pandadiya explained the rationale behind the proposal was to move the meeting to a day where it was more convenient for students and board members.

Pandadiya then went on to discuss the problem with the schedule change.

“However, the proposal faced practical challenges,” said Pandadiya. “The problem is most people are stuck in class during that time.”

Claxton further emphasized the importance of face-to-face interactions and its impact on the learning experience.

“It is more feasible to meet face-to-face,” she said, underlining the value of personal engagement in education.

After thorough discussion, the ASI government ultimately decided to keep the town hall meetings on Fridays.

Suzer wanted to make it clear transparency was the most important thing in this meeting, and if students or faculty had any concerns, they should reach out to her or other ASI government leaders.

“Particularly regarding the CFA, we are currently working on it with a student government to get some campuswide information sent out to all students,” said Suzer. “You will hear more updates about that either in your emails or on social media.”

She further extended an open invitation for students to seek clarifications and address any questions they may have.

Interim questions can be sent to her office or email. ASI student government is on the first floor of the Bronco Student Center across from the Round Table Pizza.

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