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Student government sets goals for the school year

By Yerehny Limon, August 29, 2023

Associated Student Incorporated’s newly appointed student government shared what they want to achieve for the student body during their terms. These goals include creating more hands-on learning experiences, focusing on the student’s success and creating a campus atmosphere that encourages the commuting community to take advantage of all the campus has to offer.

Cal Poly Pomona’s student government consists of two branches, a Cabinet and the Board of Directors. The student body voted for the Board of Directors during the spring semester. The Cabinet oversees all student events and are held responsible for all ASI student affairs. The Board of Directors responsibilities include passing regulations and policies that follow CPP’s and California State University policies and approving the ASI and the Bronco Student Center annual budgets.

For the 2023-2024 school year, Ilke (LK) Suzer, a double major in urban and regional planning and finance, real estate and law student, was elected as ASI president.

Suzer discussed what the goals she and the student government want to achieve during their term.

“Our first priority is to support the well-being and the ability for students to thrive on campus,” Suzer said. “Strategically, we are looking into some of the system wide updates. Not just in the Cal Poly Pomona community but system wide in the California State University system.”

The system wide updates Suzer warns students to be aware of is the CSU tuition increase proposal, which can affect new and continuing students if it passes.

ASI’s Board of Directors consists of 12 Senators, including eight college senators and four senators-at-large. The senators-at-large are CPP’s non-academic activities such as housing, Greek life, multicultural council and student interests’ council.

ASI’s senators prioritize their respective colleges and engage in collaboration with other colleges in order to provide comprehensive student support.

ASI Senators in a group photo | Image courtesy of Wendy Obispo

Business Senator Wendy Obispo, a marking student, and College of Education and Integrative Studies Senator, Lorelei Claxton, a liberal studies student, were two of the 12 newly elected senators during the 2023 spring elections.

Obispo discussed how she and her team plan to widen the college of business students’ success.

“I want to bring more learn by doing experiences, along with bringing awareness to learn by doing experiences that already exist,” Obispo said. “There are a lot of opportunities on campus, there is just not enough awareness by students.”

Students from all colleges can expect events that will help connect them with alumni and faculty for internships or job opportunities or connect with fellow students going on a similar journey to success.

Claxton discussed how she wants the CEIS to be more connected within their college and comfortable going to her for any concerns they may have.

“I want to make sure that CEIS goes into different departments and creates interdisciplinary, either curriculum or activities so that way we are acting as educators,” Claxton said.

Claxton also expressed her desire to create activities that encourage interactions beyond the classroom and cultivate a comfortable space for students to voice concerns.

ASI hosts Board of Directors meetings every Thursday, located in England Evans in the Bronco Student Center and via Zoom, where students are welcome to attend and voice concerns or ask questions. Students can also access what was discussed in the meetings on the Board of Directors website.

The ASI Cabinet is still looking to fill all its positions. With some positions still open, students who are interested in being a part of ASI’s student government can apply online.

If students are interested in learning more about the events ASI is holding this semester or want to learn more about student government, visit its website or follow on social media @asicpp on all platforms.

Featured image courtesy of Yerehny Limon

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