The Poly Trolley 2 returns as a fan favorite

By Aaliyah Murillo, Nov. 9, 2021

The Poly Trolley 2 held its grand opening on Friday, Nov. 5, becoming a hit among students due to its proximity and variety of food choices.

The truck offers a Mexican-inspired menu featuring items such as carne asada tacos, aguas frescas and churros. There are also other options for students who have dietary restrictions that are labeled on the menu with icons such as an asterisk for containing eggs or dairy, a leaf for vegan and blue heart for keto. The Poly Trolley 2 is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside the library to serve the Cal Poly Pomona community. Students discussed how eager they are to try the Poly Trolley 2 as it makes it long-awaited return after it was crushed by a eucalyptus tree last March.

(Aaliyah Murillo | The Poly Post)

Anju Leach | business student

“This is my second time trying it. I got carne asada tacos. They are really good; I got them again. I feel the location is accessible, but the times are a bit small, so I feel if they had longer hours it would be better. The food is really good; it is better than Centerpointe.”







(Aaliyah Murillo | The Poly Post)

Victoria Garcia | pre-veterinary science student

“It seems like a really cool idea, a really cool truck. So far it seems nice and organized. I cannot wait to be able to order through GrubHub.”









(Aaliyah Murillo | The Poly Post)

Isabel Vega | kinesiology student

“It is really convenient; I was getting sick of eating at the same three places over there so I was glad they came back with this one. This is my first time actually eating here. I was pretty excited to hear they were coming back because I heard stories about it.”







(Aaliyah Murillo | The Poly Post)


Katherine Garcia | history student

“I am happy it is back. I think it’s sad we had to make a second one in the first place, but it is what it is. It is nice to have the truck again.”








Feature image by Aaliyah Murillo

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