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CPP rolls out Class Pass, more transportation options

By Gustavo Castillo, Aug. 24, 2021

As many students transition back to campus, Cal Poly Pomona is launching new transportation programs for a smoother return journey. All CPP students enrolled in at least one unit can obtain a Class Pass, enabling them to ride local Foothill Transit buses free of charge for the fall semester. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted students and employees from entering the campus for the last 18 months, they will be greeted with simplified Bronco Express Shuttle routes and newly installed bike lanes around the campus— providing more options for campus transportation amid the return.  

Director of Transportation and Planning Danny Wu and Marketing Coordinator with Foothill Transit David Sedillo made the Class Pass agreement a reality. 

According to Sedillo, getting a Transit Access Pass, or TAP card, is easy. Students can arrive to the front desk of the Games Room with a Bronco ID or valid form of ID and obtain one TAP card. 

Foothill Transit lines 190, 194, 195, 289, 480, 482 and 486 travel throughout campus, with stops along Campus Drive and Temple Avenue. CPP’s adoption of the Class Pass follows a student push for the university to follow in the tracks of nearby campuses Mt. San Antonio College and the University of La Verne whose students benefited from unlimited Foothill Transit and Silver Streak lines in past years.  

With the Class Pass, CPP students will be able to enjoy unlimited local Foothill Transit rides, including on line 482. (Courtesy of Danny Wu)

To avoid long lines and stay socially distanced, the easiest way for students to pick up their Class Pass is by making an appointment through the ASI portal and selecting “Programs,” “Games Room” and finally “Bus Pass Reservation.” Students can then skip the line and, after providing their name and Bronco ID, receive the free pass. There is a $10 replacement fee for lost passes.   

In addition to the Class Pass agreement, the City of Pomona’s new bike lanes on Kellogg Drive provide more transportation options. Although there have been protected bikeway and sidewalk barriers on the northeast side of the street, new protection was added on the southwest side of the street. Construction is still underway for a protected bikeway on Valley Boulevard with substantial completion anticipated by the end of October. 

Wu added, “The bike lanes (on Valley Boulevard) are right after the train tracks going right toward the curb. The street is being redone and there will be a two-way bike lane.” 

The new bike lanes were installed partially in response to two tragic student deaths that occurred on campus. In 2013, Ivan Aguilar was killed by a motorist while cycling. In 2004, Matt Myers was struck while at the crosswalk.  

Although the additional safety on Kellogg Drive is a bonus toward the campus’ goal of a “pedestrian-friendly footprint,” the construction was also implemented due to the new housing and administrative buildings. 

The City of Pomona implemented bike lanes on Kellogg Drive this summer. (Gustavo Castillo | The Poly Post)

For students traveling within the campus, the university is simplifying Bronco Express Shuttle routes with the goal of making routes easier to understand. 

Mike Yu, director of Parking and Transportation Services, said, “Many students shared feedback that the prior system was confusing. It was difficult for some to remember which route letters went to which areas. There was also quite a bit of students commenting on the delayed pickup times. This year we simplified the route names and removed inefficient bus routing.” 

There will be two main campus routes: one main campus shuttle and an overflow and University Village shuttle. There will also be a Pomona North Metrolink connect route.  

“As the in-person student population grows we will increase the number of routes to service more parts of the campus,” Yu shared. 

Other routes to the Design Center, Kellogg West Shuttle and Farm Store are planned, but yet to be determined. 

Students looking to drive to campus can also purchase the newly introduced Fall Flexible Parking Permits. Students who come to campus only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Friday can now purchase parking permits for $115 — half of the standard $231 price. 

For more information, students can visit the Transportation Services website. 

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