CPP’s Giving Day provides support to university programs 

By Lauren Muttram, April 27, 2021

Over the span of 36 hours, Cal Poly Pomona successfully raised over half a million dollars for participating departments during this year’s annual Giving Day.  

The virtual fundraising campaign provided the opportunity for alumni, parents, employees and students of CPP to support programs at the university. Hosted from April 21 to 22, Giving Day 2021 fundraised over $502,000 and received 1,470 gifts from donors.  

Giving Day provides a platform for all programs, colleges and funding priorities on campus to share their mission, tell their story, and connect with donors,” Catherine Quirk-Hanneke, director of leadership and annual giving told The Poly Post in an email.  “While raising money for their worthy causes, they advocate for the most pressing needs of CPP students and are supported along the way by the Annual Fund team.”  

Participants in the online campaign have the ability to make a gift and contribute to the programs of their choosing — all donations tax deductible —through the Giving Day website, over the phone, sending a check or through stock transfer.  

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the circumstances of many and prevented the ability to donate, individuals were encouraged to show non-monetary support through sharing Giving Day links on their social platforms and using the hashtag “CPPGivingDay.” 

Throughout the event, some alumni offered to match contributions made to the departments involved in the campaign. These matches were part of a series of challenges donors could participate in, taking place at specific times over the two days.  

“The primary reason most donors choose to give on Giving Day is because their dollars can be matched,” wrote Quirk-Hanneke. “Their gifts ignite support from others in our Bronco community and make their generosity stretch even farther.” 

Veterans Services Coordinator Elke Azpeitia enjoyed the challenges and believed they created a sense of fun and friendly competition between the departments, encouraging their fundraising efforts.  

“I think it’s great because it builds camaraderie among the staff on campus,” said Azpeitia.  

After a contribution, donors have the option to share their donation to the program of their choosing through the Giving Day Donor Wall. The Donor Wall allows contributors to customize how a donation is viewed on the website, with options to either display or conceal their names and donation amounts.  

Melissa Martinez, director of development in the College of Science, believes the Donor Wall is a way to connect those participating in Giving Day and allow donors to view who has also contributed. 

“If an alum sees that one of their former classmates has made a donation that can be an encouragement for them to join in on the fun,” said Martinez. “Kind of like, if they can make a gift, I can too.”  

The donations obtained during Giving Day not only provide departments and programs with additional funding but allows them to gather donations for future projects.  

The Makers Studio — a campus destination dedicated to creativity and provides students with a location and resources to build personal and academic projects — plans to use its donations to better its space for students.  

“We are actually planning on expanding the Makers Studio over summer,” said Michelle Allende, sixthyear English literature student minoring in history and political science and administrative assistant for the Student Innovative Idea Lab. “Mostly, whatever funds we get are going towards new equipment.” 

Career CounselorCoordinator of the Clothes Closet, Liaison to the College of Education and Integrative Studies and Bronco Dreamers Resource Center and Adjunct Faculty to the Educational Leadership Department in the College of Education and Integrative Studies Dr. Cheryl Love, believes the success of Giving Day does not come exclusively from financial donations.  

Love explained the campaign additionally promotes important programs on campus and allows them to gain exposure through social media posts and sharing.  

“I think Giving Day has helped us bring this very supportive program to the forefront of the Cal Poly Pomona campus community, but also our surrounding communities,” said Love.  

The CPP Career Clothes Closet has participated in Giving Day for the past four years. This year, the funds raised will be mainly allocated towards continuing its stipend program — a digital extension to the campus boutique providing $50 gift cards and virtual personalized styling sessions.  

Though Giving Day has concluded, donations can still be made to the campaign and to participating programs. 

To become an ambassador for next year’s Giving Day visit https://givingday.cpp.edu/giving-day/37547/signup or email givingday@cpp.edu 

Feature image courtesy of Micheile Henderson. 


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