Students share their thoughts on living in the new residential halls

The new Sicomora and Secoya Residence Halls opened Jan. 17 for first-year students to live in and leave the old dorms behind. We asked freshman students what they think about living in the new halls so far.

Ethereal Reyes | First-year communication student

“I love the new building, and I feel really lucky to have been a part of the CPP generation that was able to experience both the old and new dorms. The design is very modern, there are study rooms on each floor and the restrooms are more private.”

Lauren Milton | First-year landscape architecture student

“They’re really nice. It’s cool to live in it. It’s different because we are the first ones living in them compared to the old dorms. You feel a lot more connected to be a part of the campus. It feels good; it feels right.”

Lorenzo Cabrera | First-year computer science student

“They are an improvement of what we had before. They’re so much cleaner and much more space …. In our old building, everyone was cramped up in a tiny area. The feeling is different because there are a lot more people now, and we have to learn to get along with each other again.” 

Melinda Rivas | First-year English student

“They are way nicer than my actual home and last dorm. They are much closer to everything because I used to stay in Aliso (Residence Hall) and everything was far away. You feel a lot safer by the security in the building than before.”

Patrick Tran | First-year civil engineering student

“I’m glad they replaced the old dorms because they were a mess, just trash. Now we moved, and you can tell there’s an upgrade — a definite glow-up. This is much more peaceful (and) lets me do my work better because before, I would go to the library for lack of space in our large study room.” 

Aimee Tao | First-year computer information system student

“The elevators are really slow, so I will normally take the stairs to get to class, especially in the afternoon. But I do like the dorm rooms and restrooms. I’m no longer bumping into anyone, and the showers are clean. I really like clean things.”

Julia Gutman | First-year kinesiology student

“Not that many people go to the lobby room or use the study area, yet because the semester only started, I hope to see more people around since we have four study rooms on each floor.”

Dhanisha Patel | First-year undeclared student

“I really like them. They’re very clean compared to the old ones. The lighting is better. It’s also a big difference to be more up front than all the way in the back of campus.”

Photos and quotes compiled by staff writer Jannett Diaz

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