First look at residence halls moving plan

Cal Poly Pomona’s new twin, eight-story residential halls, Sicomora (Building 73) and Secoya (Building 74), are set to officially open in spring 2020. The $185 million project will give over 900 students the chance to move from some of the older residential halls into the brand-new, modernized residential halls.

“Residents that are in four of the traditional halls right now, so the two grays (Palmitas and Cedritos) and then the two red bricks (Alamitos and Aliso) at the far end, they’re moving to the new buildings,” said Todd F. London, director of housing operations.  

Community kitchens are located in each building, equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and stove for residents to use.
Desiree McClean | The Poly Post

Most of the students moving into the new dorms will have the same type of room they previously had. If University Housing Services (UHS) decides to move students into a different type of room, they will continue to pay their preceding rate without any extra charges. New residents moving in during the spring 2020 semester will pay the full rate for the type of room they choose. 

First-year math student Hannah Skinner currently resides in Palmitas and is one of the many students who will be the first to experience life in the brand-new halls. “I’m excited because these rooms are small … they’re tiny, and … we can see the (larger) floor plan for the new building,” Skinner said.

The small community living room can be shared by up to 14 students in the new halls.
through and access both sides of the structure.
Desiree McClean | The Poly Post

The UHS has hired a moving company for an estimated $162,000 that will provide moving assistance to all students moving over to the new twin dorms. 

Those moving from the residence halls Palmitas (Building 57) and Cedritos (Building 58) will be provided moving crates from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m Dec. 2-3. And on Dec. 4-5, residence halls Alamitos (Building 22) and Aliso (Building 23) will be provided moving crates from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

All students are responsible to pack all belongings and leave the residential halls and suites by Dec. 15. During winter break, once residents have vacated the premises, movers will transfer all of their belongings to the appropriate room in the new buildings. 

Everyone will be provided labels for their belongings to identify their corresponding rooms. All items must be labeled and packed in crates or their own optional luggage or bins. 

“Everything will magically appear in their new room for them,” London said. 

The new dining hall area will have several dining options and more seating for residents.
through and access both sides of the structure.
Desiree McClean | The Poly Post

Resident advisors will move in Jan. 12 to assist in the preparation of the new residents upon arrival Jan. 17. Once the students have unpacked their belongings in their respective rooms, they will be responsible to return the borrowed crates in the lobby of their buildings by 4 p.m. Jan. 22.

“I think it’s super exciting because we get an opportunity to kind of see … the lifestyle of … how people in the past have lived … versus the new ones,” said first-year business administration student Amber Chuop. “We’re … really lucky. We won’t be charged extra for this new experience.”

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