With the high number of students on campus, it’s encouraged to only take what is needed. (Elizabeth Hernandez | The Poly Post)

Free pads and tampons now available in BSC

Associated Student Inc. (ASI) integrated its pilot project, which offers free menstrual products, including pads and tampons, to female students in the Bronco Student Center (BSC) women’s restrooms.

With the collective efforts from Cal Poly Pomona Student Health and Wellbeing, ASI student government leaders and professional staff, this pilot project first showcased at the start of the fall semester. 

The goal for this project is to support student life, well-being and health. 

With the high number of students on campus, it’s
encouraged to only take what is needed.
(Elizabeth Hernandez | The Poly Post)

“To make this possible, our ASI Poly Pantry, which is part of the CPP Integrated Care Network, has partnered with Sowing Seeds for Life to supply us with the menstrual products at no cost to students,” said Liz Roosa Millar, associate vice president for Student Health and Wellbeing, 

Sowing Seeds for Life is a nonprofit organization that works to educate the community in nutrition and health. 

The Sowing Seeds for Life menstrual dispensers are placed in the women’s restroom in a bright red box. 

Women’s restrooms are located on the first and second floor of the BSC. The quote on the red box dispenser states, “Changing the world one cycle at a time.” 

The pads and tampons offered in the free BSC dispensers are stated to be 100 percent natural cotton, biodegradable, Food and Drug Administration approved with no synthetic chemicals and dyes added in. 

Last academic year, the closest location to purchase feminine products was at the Bronco Express. The price for the products ranged from $3.39 to $5.69 based on the choice of the product, the quantity and size. 

The BSC also previously provided a pad and tampon dispenser for the price of 25 cents. 

The Student Health and Wellness Services and the Women’s Resource Center have always provided free pads and tampons and continue to do so.

The BSC location is easier for students to access because the building stands near the center of campus.

Based on the success of the dispenser in the BSC, more may be popping up on campus in the future.
(Joanne Guintu | The Poly Post)

 “I am honestly really happy because this is much more convenient for me, said Alexandrea Principe, third-year liberal arts student. “I live in the village so it would be less of a trip for me to go back home.” 

Female students have stressed the need for free and convenient locations to obtain menstrual products on campus because pads and tampons are a necessity with regards to women’s health and sanitary needs. 

“We will also share our findings from the pilot with university officials responsible for the other facilities across campus,” Miller said. 

This new addition is inspiring new projects regarding free menstrual products on campus. Facilities Planning and Management have future plans for this pilot project to extend to be feasible to all ASI-operated facilities, such as the Bronco Recreational and Intramural Complex.

“This is a pilot project in only one bathroom, so our hope is that we understand the demand for free products, track the utilization, and identify the resources needed to expand the program to more restrooms across campus,” said Alyssa Christiansen, ASI care coordinator.

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