Editor’s response to President Coley’s letter titled “Here are the facts.”

By Michael Yu, Editor in Chief at The Poly Post

In a letter sent to the campus community on Dec. 12, University President Soraya M. Coley addressed the recent stories published in The Poly Post-and subsequently other media outlets-regarding the alleged Foundation embezzlements within Cal Poly Pomona.

Within the letter, Coley states that there was “False and misleading information in recent news stories and social media posts about two campus cases.”

In The Poly Post’s coverage of the embezzlement of $1.3 million and the alleged misappropriation of $100,000 dollars we sought to thoroughly and fairly report the allegations, including those made in whistleblower complaints and a lawsuit filed by a university police sergeant. The articles cited the findings of a CSU audit, and the distinction that the funds allegedly embezzled were not student-related — points which Coley emphasized in her open letter.

At The Poly Post, we strive to remain unbiased in all our reporting. We have repeatedly offered the campus administration the opportunity to respond and provide their side of the story.

President Coley declined every opportunity to be interviewed for comment citing active litigation.

The Poly Post editorial team stands by the articles published.

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