Known as Scarypoolparty on his social media, Alejandro Aranda is the 24-year-old dishwasher and Pomona resident who has over 8,000 likes on Spotify’s music streaming service. His YouTube videos have more than 15 million views combined.

“American Idol” judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were left speechless and amazed by Aranda’s natural talent, which they described as “pure genius,” “special,” “historic” and “unworthy of judging.” 

From making his way through Hollywood Week as a finalist to a top 20 selection in Hawaii, Aranda has made it clear he is a top contender. 

Pomona resident Alejandro Aranda is the 24-year-old “American Idol” contestant who has won over the judges’ approval and is taking his musical career to new and exciting ventures. (Courtesy of Sofar San Gabriel Valley)

On March 30, Sofar San Gabriel Valley (SGV) hosted an intimate show where attendees don’t typically know who the appearing artist will be until they have purchased tickets and have arrived at the secret location hosting the show. 

The March 30 show was the first to be hosted in Pomona, where word of mouth quickly began to presume Aranda would be present.

Director of Sofar SGV Jake Otero has seen Aranda perform in multiple locations across Los Angeles and Pomona since 2018, and found it most suitable to have Sofar’s first show in Pomona be embraced by a local artist.  

Otero shared that the “American Idol” contestant had given a shout out to Sofar SGV on Instagram and an hour after Aranda’s followers viewed the story, the show sold out completely. 

Although Aranda is a current “Idol” contestant, Otero still sees him as “the same kind, and humble person” he has known since 2018 and that stardom has not changed him one bit. 

“Alejandro has a natural talent that is undeniable, and is incredibly honest and vulnerable when he performs,” Otero said. “What makes him such a unique talent is his ability to combine masterful technical skills with tender, tangible emotion.”

Aranda has often presented himself modestly wearing a beanie, jeans and sneakers, allowing his vocals and instrument to capture the listener’s attention. (Courtesy of Sofar San Gabriel Valley)

It has been stated by the “Idol” judges, online followers and Otero that crowds are often left mesmerized and in “utter amazement” from his performances.  

Aranda has often presented himself modestly wearing a beanie, jeans and sneakers, allowing his vocals and instrument to capture the listener’s attention. 

Otero describes Aranda as a crowd-captivating presence who is doing it so unintentionally and humbly. 

One thrilled attendee of Sofar SGV’s Pomona show was 21-year-old Mariah Fierro, who has been following Aranda’s musical auditions since day one. 

She was captivated by Aranda’s guitar-playing skills and smooth singing, which quickly turned her into a loyal fan.  

“Attending the event, I was super excited,” Fierro said. “There was even a moment where, before we were let in, he had walked right past me and I turned into this nervous fangirl.” 

The intimate show, as she recalls, was beyond her expectations from his humble and kind approach toward attendees before and after the show, to his genuine talent. He can’t help but captivate all who are present. 

“He is the real deal,” she said. “I am so glad that I had the opportunity to be in his presence.”  

After wrapping up the Pomona show, Otero stressed that artists like Aranda are the proof that creative gems can be anywhere, especially within artistic communities that believe in each other. Often, artists just need the support to showcase what they are about.   

As weekly eliminations soon begin to take place, top contenders have proven to have what it takes to win the “American Idol” title and Aranda is not far from reaching it.

“Alejandro has nothing but success on the horizon and all the praise he’s received is completely justified,” Otero said. “He’s just getting his career started. It’s always great to see locals’ heroes get the recognition they deserve on the big stage.” 

“American Idol” can be seen on ABC at 8 p.m. Sundays and Mondays.

Watch Aranda’s audition below.

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  • Kay

    Alajandro is timeless you want to hear him again and again hear him play guitar see him smile to share his music is his reason for being Texas loves him. He is forever in MY heart. Vote 11. Ten times tonight soon as American idol comes on to text 21523. 💕

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