The infamous game of Bingo got a new twist with drag queen hostess, Roxy Wood. Her larger-than-life personality brought students to play the classic game which included players dressing up in tiaras, colorful boas, necklaces and glasses. 

The Bronco Events & Activities Team (BEAT) once again hosted Drag Bingo at Ursa Major in the Bronco Student Center (BSC). 

Before the doors even opened, the BSC was packed with excited students waiting to have a fun time with friends and enjoy themselves with Wood.

Nathalie Carrillo, a fourth-year urban and regional planning student and coordinator of Drag Bingo, said she had a fun time bringing this event together and seeing many students in attendance.

“I thought it was a lot of fun, and I loved seeing everyone get excited,” Carrillo said. “This was my first time working on it and I loved Drag Bingo. It was a great environment for a lot of different people to feel welcome.”

Wood is a favorite among CPP students and having her come for not only Drag Bingo but also the Drag Show (which will happen later this semester) brings many students to come out and enjoy entertainment by drag queens.

Drag queen Roxy Wood and Jeffery Bowman, also known as “Bingo Boy,” bring a fun new way to play bingo. (Jacqueline Ayala / The Poly Post)

Not only does Wood host Drag Bingo, but she also has credits in some TV shows such as “Supergirl,” “Grace and Frankie” and “Wicked City.” 

She loves being in drag and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they interact with her. Wood has done drag for a while now, and she’s been a hostess of Drag Bingo.

“Oh my goodness, I’ve been doing Drag Bingo for 10 years but I’ve been doing drag for most of my life, like 15 to 20 years,” Wood said.

Even though she has done drag for less time than reality TV drag queens, people will assume she is much older. She jokingly added that she was not too old. 

“I’m not that old,” Wood whispered.

Students had the opportunity to win from a variety of prizes, some of which were mermaid makeup brushes, an Amazon Echo Dot and a turntable. 

A winner stands up to collect a prize which included makeup brushes, an Amazon Echo Dot and a turntable. (Jacqueline Ayala / The Poly Post)

Third-year civil engineering student Felipe Salinas had fun and found the host to be very funny. This was his first time going to Drag Bingo since he was not able to go last year. 

However, this was not the first interacting with a drag queen, as he went to the Drag Show hosted by the Pride Center. 

“I would want to go again, I was supposed to go last year but I was busy the day of,” Salinas said.

He was chosen to win a prize with four other students. 

The challenge was to pick up as much trash as possible from the floor, mainly the Bingo cards that were thrown to each winner as s/he ran around. 

Salinas did not win. However, he and the others who lost were still given a prize from the “Bag of Crap.” 

He was awarded some slime from the bag, while another student was given some hedgehog erasers.

“I won slime; it’s not much but it’s something, but the event was so much fun regardless.”

With so many students winning prizes, Drag Bingo was another success from BEAT, which invites students to come out to upcoming events such as Bronco Family Day on Feb. 9 and A Swing Soiree on Feb. 14.

Students can also find BEAT on Facebook and Instagram @asicppbeat to find out more information.

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