Maybe they’re ‘barn’ with it; CPP welcome 3 new foals

By Christie Counts, Sept.13, 2022

Carrying on the proud CPP Arabian legacy, three foals have been welcomed into the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center, representing a new beginning for the center after a brief hiatus from events and visitors.

Kickstarting the births of the newest CPP foals was CP Truly Grand born March 27, to mare CP Truly Yours and stallion CSP Grand Caymon.

April 27 marked the birth date of the next foal named CP Classie Lea, born to mare CP B Dazzled and stallion Black Daniels. CP Classie Lea’s name carries a great legacy, she was named after the beloved Lea Dopson, a former faculty member and then dean of the Collins College of Hospitality Management, who passed away unexpectedly in April.

Closing out the birthing season on July 1 was CP Estella, born to mare CP Cambria and stallion Om El Shawan.

Department Coordinator of the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center, Kelly Piña, commented on the name selection process.

“We take any kind of recommendations from students to put in their suggestions for names,” said Piña. “We give them guidelines of how we like to name them, but we want to name them something we are going to be proud of, whether it is sold or shown.”

Students not only help with naming but also carry many fundamental responsibilities within the center. Unfortunately, many students who were not live-ins or full-time staff members were unable to have an in-person experience at the center. But the center adapted and created online tools and resources in order to give agriculture students the best experience possible, one of them being a live stream of pregnant mares.

“Because of COVID we were taken away from the actual birthing process, but what was really cool is they gave us a type of live streaming, to let us see when they were going to give birth, they even played it back in the foal watching class in order to show us what went smoothly and what could’ve gone wrong,” said Stephanie Inzunza, a fourth-year animal science major, and weekend crew member at the horse center.

Looking toward the future, there are currently 10 artificially inseminated mares.

“We are having them a lot sooner next year, we are planning to have seven in January, there are 10 in total giving birth from January to the end of March,” said Piña.

The currently pregnant mares were impregnated in February in order for foals to be born before December. Piña expressed how crazy it was for seven to become pregnant on the first try. The center aims to have 10 to 12 foals a year. 

The veterinary science labs, barns and endless green pastures await visitors and students as the center begins to bring back all their events and activities. The horse show team are beginning to practice in anticipation for their comeback in Spring 2023. Self-guided tours are currently available during the weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

With the new visiting hours students are able to visit and see the new foals. Their attitudes and personalities growing just as fast as their bodies.

“They all have their little quirks and personalities that distinguish them from each other, it’s cool to see,” said Inzunza. “Fortunately enough for me I would have never had the experience I had at the horse center (this year), if it wasn’t for me working there.”

The horse center accepts all students who would like to get involved and have hands on experiences with the horses, with no experience required. For more information visit their website. Check out the center’s Instagram for more recent updates on the new foals and other horses living at the center @calpolypomonaarabians.

Feature image courtesy of Kelly Piña.

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