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Climate change brings SustainabiliTEA to the CPP community

By Samantha Padilla, Apr. 26, 2022

In honor of Earth Week, ASI hosted a Zoom panel of staff and faculty on April 20 to discuss what the CPP community could do to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The event allowed participants to ask questions and learn more about sustainability and how they can actively get involved in their communities to raise awareness and improve the environment for future generations.

About 23 attendees assisted the event, including four guest speakers Christopher Stoughton, Sustainable Future student club advisor, Monika Kamboures, sustainability coordinator, John Lloyd, co-chair of the Alternative Transportation Committee and Aaron Fox, professor at Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture.

Monika Kamboures shared, “Learning about sustainability gives students knowledge about the topic and encourages participation in activities and everyday actions to make progress toward building a more sustainable future.”

She also mentions how her family is vegetarian and tries to purchase Fair Trade products whenever possible, including food and clothing. Kamboures also has a small garden in her home where she grows her own herbs.

“Sustainable literacy is a priority for me right now. I want students to have enough knowledge about the topic to feel empowered to take actions to prevent and reduce impacts on the environment,” said Kamboures. “My hope is that the ability to be exposed to sustainability at CPP will give students the skills to innovate and incorporate sustainable practices into any future career path they pursue.”

Each guest speaker expressed their interest in sustainability and briefly described how they practice sustainability in their own lives throughout the event. The guest speakers also shared their thoughts and opinions regarding sustainability and advised what students can do in their community and why protecting the environment is essential.

Sharon Wu | The Poly Post

During the event, John Lloyd, mentioned, “In terms of what I’m trying to accomplish with alternative transportation at our campus, it’s not only benefiting the planet, but we really need to think about the way it benefits human society.”

He suggested that the campus community could practice sustainability by using the public transportation system or the renovated bicycle lanes that opened on March 25 in Pomona.

As a result, the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture plans to offer a new composting class in the fall semester of 2022. Anyone is welcome to join the course and learn more about ways to recycle food waste, improve the environment and use those resources to expand their horizon.

Additionally, the Office of Sustainability is an on-campus resource that students can reach out to for more information about sustainability, how to promote recycling, water conservation and energy usage.

“I would really encourage you all to get involved, and elections as well, go out and get the candidates you want to be in leadership roles elected. We’ve got a really important election this year,” said Aaron Fox. “…never feel like you’re powerless, both on this campus as well as in our communities. We each hold a lot of power, and, if we can, you know, work together, find those coalitions, find those organizations. We can have a real impact.”

To learn more about events held by the ASI, the campus community can visit myBAR to RSVP for events and get more information.

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