Battle of the campus restaurants: Fitbites or The Den?

By Megan Freeman, Mar. 8, 2022

As Fitbites’ grand opening was last fall, many students wonder, “Where did The Den go?” The Den was an eatery on campus that served hungry students everything from pancakes to milkshakes. It was a branch of the beloved Denny’s restaurant, and many students have varying viewpoints in what they say is the best.

Bianca Sofia Ramirez | plant science student

“Honestly, I like Fitbites; they still have the mozzarella sticks that I liked from The Den, and they have protein shakes now, so I think Fitbites is pretty cool; I like it more.”


Evelyn Contreas | kinesiology student

“I prefer Fitbites mainly because it is a lot healthier, and I remember like all the grease that used to come out of The Den’s meals, even though it was pretty good. But also, since I go to the gym, I can come here and get a protein shake, so it’s easier.”

Kaitlyn Arst | psychology student

“Fitbites. The Den was the only good place to eat on campus, but it was all like fried food, so my body would be like screaming at me after just a week of eating it. It is a good occasional thing, but I feel like Fitbites is a lot healthier and more versatile.”

Savannah Palombi | biology student

“I am probably going to have to say The Den just because I haven’t eaten at Fitbites much and I went to The Den a lot. I would come here a lot when I lived in the suites at like midnight like, ‘I need pancakes right now.’”

Helen Mcmullin | liberal studies pre-credential student

“This is my first year on campus, so I have never tried The Den, but I do like the food at Fitbites. I like the healthy options, and I’m a big fan of the Greek salad right now.”

Genevie Cuadra | criminology student

“I am a first-year, so I have never tried The Den, but people that I do know have said The Den is really good. I don’t really like Fitbites, but I have been liking the Greek fries, but I just don’t like any of the stuff in there.”

Jessica Wang | civil engineering student

“I have never really tried The Den because I am a second-year, but Fitbites is nice. I really like their falafels.”

Stevie Morales | apparel merchandising and management student

“I am a second-year, and I was not here when The Den was here, but I hear that The Den was better than Fitbites; I really like their chicken tenders.”

Feature image by Megan Freeman.



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