Students share spring fashion statements

By Brandon Cummings, Mar. 1, 2022

As spring semester continues, a new season of clothes and shoe releases has come with it. The return to in-person classes gave many students on campus the opportunity to display the unique styles they have developed. From Supreme hats to Jordan shoes, students on campus shared their favorite apparel to wear as well as items they are interested in buying during the spring session.

Brandon Cummings | The Poly Post

Bobby Garcia | finance, real estate, and law student

“I love rocking Supreme. When it comes to hype stuff, for sure Supreme. When it comes to shoes, I like to rock the J’s, Jordans. The next pair of shoes on my list are most definitely some 1’s, the Jordan 1 Obsidians. I like to resale a bunch of stuff; I normally get Supreme clothing so for spring I want some North Face.”




Brandon Cummings | The Poly Post

Brandon Partido | psychology student

“I’m really into Anime-collab clothing from any store, it doesn’t really matter where it is from. For spring, I want to buy more sweaters, Hypland sweaters to be more specific. For shoes, I kind of want some more Nikes and Jordans, the 1’s or 11’s. I have a couple pairs of Jordans already, but I am looking into buying a new pair. If we are being honest, I really want to get my hands on some Space Jams. Hats too, I love to wear hats so maybe some more Supreme hats will come my way before the year is up.”



Brandon Cummings | The Poly Post

Karren Salvador | criminology student

“Right now, I am really into thrifting, so a lot of my clothes come from Instagram thrift accounts. So, anything that involves something cozy and represents California weather, something that is breathable to be in. I’m really into neutral colors right now too, like the boots I have on are from H&M. I more so like shopping at places that have good sustainability for sure, but lately, Instagram accounts have been my personal favorite. So, I have been trying hard to shop on accounts there. The flannel I have on came from one of the accounts. Packages from those accounts are delivered to me all the time from sweaters, jeans and tops, everything from top to bottom.”



Brandon Cummings | The Poly Post

Kayla Waite | business student

“Springtime, I usually like to head to Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and I online shop a lot too. I like to look for baggy jeans, or something that resembles that Y2K style. Something like low-riders, something that displays that 2000s culture. I like to bring back that style, and I see a lot of people doing that lately, so it is cool seeing that. I recommend Urban Outfitters because they have everything to be honest, I know it can be a little pricey, but I think it’s worth it. For shoes, I like to wear a lot of Nike, some Reeboks and of course Jordans, those are also a go-to.”



Brandon Cummings | The Poly Post

Monia Lyons | mechanical engineering student

“I just like to layer, like a nice sweater with a jean jacket. I buy most of my clothes from Nike and Converse though. They both make really nice thick jackets. Converse shoes too, I buy shoes from both places. My favorite pair are these multicolor Converse; my mom always says I look like I work at Hot Dog on a Stick because it has green, yellow, blue and red all over it.”




Brandon Cummings | The Poly Post

Deshol John | technology and operations management student

“I more so shop online, but I do buy from stores like Urban or Pacsun. My favorite online website is Mnml, they sell unique style jeans with a variety of colors. So, all my jeans come from them, but hoodies and shirts I mainly buy from apps like Stock X. I’m kind of a sneakerhead, so I buy a lot of my shoes from Stock X too. I love buying Jordans, I have over four pairs of 4’s alone and I am hoping to buy more. I love flicking up on Instagram, so my shoes have to be right for the gram. My shopping cart is loaded for multiple stores, it’s crazy how much stuff I want. I’m for sure buying some Fear of God soon though, I love those earth tone hoodies.”

Feature image courtesy of Ekaterina Grosheva.

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