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Students describe their favorite spot to relax on campus

By: Carlos Leano, Mar. 1, 2022

The return of in-person classes brings students out of their shell and back into the real world. Beds and couches can no longer serve as favorable spots while attending to school needs. New and returning faces have had time to familiarize themselves with campus and its meditative locations it has to offer. Students shared where they go on campus to unwind and relax during their free time.

Leano | The Poly Post

Paul Anderson | business management student

“I like to sit at the booths in the library on the third floor. I like to sit there because it’s nice and quiet over there. Also, it’s a big table, not small chairs, so I could relax and lay out.”






Carlos Leano | The Poly Post

Cyndi Hernandez | mechanical engineering student

“I’m a first year, so this is my first time coming to campus, but I would have to say toward the center, where the science building is at (University Quad). I feel it’s very open and there are so many people around, so I don’t feel closed up.”






Carlos Leano | The Poly Post

Carla Iniguez | organizational communication student

“My favorite spot would be here (University Quad). I’m not sure, it’s my first semester, so I’m not familiar yet with the whole campus. But for now, this is where I come. I like to sit underneath the tree. I enjoy this side of campus and the area by the Japanese garden as well. Those are my two favorites.”





Carlos Leano | The Poly Post

Ze Ferreyra | political science student

“The library, it’s a nice place to study and don’t have any distractions but I also haven’t been on campus too long. This is the first time I’ve come to the games room and it’s pretty nice.”






Carlos Leano | The Poly Post

Blake Motoyase | animal science student

“The food court by the quad. It’s not too quiet and there’s a good amount of student life. It’s nice to kick back, eat in between classes, and it has a lot of good seating. That’s where I kind of just chill most of the time.”






Carlos Leano | The Poly Post

Pariz Armendariz | biology student

“I’ve only been on campus twice, last week and today. I actually really like this spot (University Quad) right now. I also hung out in front of the business administration building. That’s a nice spot, but right now I’m enjoying this one. It has lawn chairs, so I’d say right here.”






Carlos Leano | The Poly Post

Desire Gonzalez | business management student

“I would say right here by the trees (in front of the library) because it’s relaxing. Also, on top where Kellogg West is. The little benches are surrounded by nature and I enjoy it.”







Carlos Leano | The Poly Post

Zachary Peterson | electrical engineering student

“I’d probably say it’s here in the game room. My friends drop by occasionally and we’ll play cards. If no one else is free that day, it’s just a nice environment.”






Carlos Leano | The Poly Post

Jacqueline Garcia | business marketing student

“It’s my first time coming back. I haven’t really found the spot yet. I’m still exploring the campus to find the spot where I’m really comfortable, but I finally went to the College of Business Administration building. The second floor is really empty with different spaces and there is no one in the restrooms. Downstairs I always see students at the little tables. I find it cool over there because I could find isolation as well as student interactions.”

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