Student rapper ‘on the road’ to record new album

By Anel Ceballos-Caldera, May 4, 2021

Rami Hosny, a third-year computer information system student, is staying in rhythm with the release of his upcoming album this summer despite challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosny, also known by his stage name, Rami Buxaplenty, is a self-made artist from Las Vegas.

According to Hosny, the new album will have around 10 or 11 songs which are self-produced and self-written. The songs encompass many different moods from upbeat to serious to calm. For Hosny, versatility is important as he strives to make his music enjoyable for anyone to listen to.

Rami Hosny, a third-year computer information system student, is a student rapper who is currently working on a new album set to debut this summer. (Courtesy of Rami Hosny)

“My momentum was killed by the pandemic and my creativity kind of went down the drain,” Hosny expressed. “There were some points where I was like, ‘Do I want to do this anymore?’ But it definitely gave me the time and space that I needed to reevaluate what I really wanted out of music. I found that even though I was working on music less frequently, the quality of stuff that I would make would be a lot higher than before.”

During the pandemic, Hosny redeveloped his sound, but it also challenged his ability to set up performances around the Los Angeles area. Hosny, who has only performed live once, was looking forward to being on stage but, unfortunately, was unable to do so due to the pandemic.

Hosny lived on campus at the University Village but returned home to Nevada last March. Returning home gave Hosny a lot of free time to focus on his music while continuing his education.

His first project, “Change of Scenery,” debuted in 2019. The seven-track album was inspired after he moved from Nevada to California for school.

“I’ve definitely improved a lot since the first project,” Hosny said. “I’m probably looking to drop the first single sometime next month. And I definitely want to put a big emphasis on visuals and video content for the promotion of it. Hopefully, I can appeal to a wider audience.”

Hosny emphasized that his passion for music began at an early age. In third grade, he started taking classical guitar lessons, which he continued until he graduated from high school.

“I’ve always had some kind of connection to music. It’s my favorite form of expression,” Hosny said. “That passion that I had for guitar, it kind of translated over when I started getting into making beats and recording stuff and all of that.”

Honsy began making beats after he was inspired by one of his high school friends during his junior year when he was 16. Finding inspiration, Hosny downloaded FL Studio, an audio music sequencer software, and started making music with a particular interest in hip hop and rap.

Hosny chose the name Rami Buxaplenty as his artist name after watching “The Fairly OddParents” where a character on the show was named Ramy Buxaplenty.

“I saw a correlation there and I picked that name as a joke,” Hosny said. “And then when I started to actually release music, it kind of just stuck, and hopefully I don’t get sued in the future.”

It wasn’t until fall 2018 after being encouraged by a friend when Hosny decided to release music to the public. Since then, Hosny has released various songs — including “Profit” featuring TNinety, “On the Road” and “Bandit.” Further in his career, Hosny hopes to explore new genres and to develop his singing.

“It’s a dream to perform in front of a huge crowd,” Hosny said. “I think about it every single day and put on imaginary concerts in the shower. Another goal I want to achieve is putting out a project that I really feel is an art piece more than anything. I want to make something that’s more of an experience than just like a compilation of songs. I really want to work hard toward being able to be a full-time musician. It’s the dream.”

To stay updated with Hosny’s music, visit his Instagram or stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

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