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ASI BEAT winds down with relaxations and vibrations

By Justyn Fulton, May 4, 2021

As a prefinals relaxation event, ASI BEAT is hosting a virtual ASMR event with content creator Gibi on May 6, giving students a chance to unwind before the exam season.

ASI BEAT Student Activities Assistant Monica Martinez, a third-year public relations student, stated that the team wanted to showcase something different from the regular events that they normally offer, making this Cal Poly Pomona’s first event to infuse autonomous sensory meridian response, or known as ASMR.

“I really wanted to do an ASMR event. ASMR can help reduce your stress and anxiety, especially during this time of the school year,” Martinez said.

The event will take place on Zoom with a live performance from Gibi. The performance will consist of typical ASMR content, including whispering and soothing sounds, to help calm students. Students will also be allowed to ask questions throughout the event through the chat while the host relays the question to Gibi.

Martinez doesn’t want students to feel pressured to turn their cameras and microphones on during the event.

“Some people will probably fall asleep during the event, and that’s OK. That’s what this event is for,” she said.

There are around 40 people registered for the event so far with the expected number of people to attend the event being around 100 to 200 attendees, according to Martinez.

Martinez has always been a big fan of Gibi. With Gibi’s accomplishments and star power at the age of 26, Martinez pushed for collaboration to bring her to the CPP community; however, it wasn’t easy.

“Luckily, after emailing her two to three times, we finally got in contact with her,” Martinez said.

Gibi has been an online content creator since 2016. With over 3.6 million subscribers across mainstream social platforms — including YouTube, Twitch and Instagram — she gained a stable fanbase through her signature ASMR content. Gibi performs a variety of content that showcases her soothing gentle whispers as she eases listeners into relaxation while tapping her fingers on the microphone or fondling with a makeup brush.

Gibi is one of the biggest ASMR content creators on the internet, so when the announcement was made that she would be at CPP virtually, many students were excited. Those like Mia Barrera, a fourth-year mechanical engineering student, are ecstatic about Gibi’s virtual arrival at CPP.

“I think it’s really cool and exciting because it’s somebody who I actually follow is performing here at Cal Poly,” Barrera said. “I feel like it’s going to be very intimate. I know I wouldn’t have any opportunities to have this kind of conversation with her. I’m definitely going because I personally like Gibi. On a scale from one to 10, I’m for sure at a 10.”

While some students have been fans of Gibi since her rise on YouTube, others caught on late but still watch her content for relaxation.

“I’m really excited she does a good job in destigmatizing ASMR and educating people about it,” said Giselle Alvarez, a fourth-year liberal studies student. “I hope to destress, relax and enjoy my free time away from school.”

To learn more or to register for the free event, visit the event’s myBar website.

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