Review: The cat is out of the bag —Doja Cat’s ‘Kiss Me More’ successfully seduces listeners

By Gustavo Castillo, April 27, 2021

Doja Cat’s new single “Kiss Me More,” featuring SZA, put “Planet Her” on the map. After a successful year in 2020 with her catchy disco and R&B songs, Doja Cat released another successful single to recapture the vibrance this summer.

With upcoming collaborations starring Megan Thee Stallion, French Montana, Young Thug, A$AP Ferg, Saweetie, SZA, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande, the album is anticipated to be a striking constellation. Though “Planet Her” does not have a set release date, fans are expecting the album to drop this summer after the artist’s hint in an interview with Pretty Little Thing.

On April 9, the single, “Kiss Me More,” hit Earth with a bewitching music video displaying Doja Cat’s newly discovered planet. The video came as a welcome surprise as she had a busy year packed with performances and seemed as though she did not have time to film.

The opening scene introduces astronaut Alex Landi, the well-known “Grey’s Anatomy” actor, who crash lands on “Planet Her.” In the distance, Doja Cat and SZA are two giant goddesses who lure the astronaut in an aquatic river adventure, seducing him with their beauty and siren-like vocals.

Taking place on an unknown planet, the unique atmosphere and dreamlike visuals from the video enhanced the fantasy aspects that instantly grasped the viewers’ attention while radiating a clear message that “Planet Her” is no place for a man when there are powerful women in control.

With top composers on the track — such as Dr. Luke and Rogét Chahayed, who are known for working with influential artists including Katy Perry, Kim Petras, Kesha, Travis Scott and Miguel — the album captured the perfect blend of pop, soul and R&B.

This track plays around with the similar disco instrumentals and vocal adlibs exemplified in Doja Cat’s previous platinum hit song, “Say So.” The opening of the song features light strums of guitar strings and an electronic reverb that centralizes the vocals of Doja Cat.

With lighthearted and suggestive lyrics that beg for more kisses, Doja Cat’s lyrical play is accompanied by a new sound with upbeat pop and snare sounds that automatically take control of the body and provokes dance.

She ends the chorus with her signature soft adlibs that sound as if you’re singing along with her in your head. By adding her lighthearted animated vocals to the track, it sounds as if the song is already being sung by a younger generation of children.

Showing off her multidimensional talent, Doja Cat reveals her contrasting charms as she raps with vulgar lyrics accompanied by the same beat. She successfully executes her verses and makes the song feel new by changing her delivery flow and consistently displays new peaks and valleys that marry well SZA’s enchanting vocals.

Although listeners may have trouble catching SZA’s lyrics due to her poor pronunciation, the artist offers the same vibrance, energy and female hypnotism to seduce both the astronaut and the audience musically and visually.

After winning two American Music Awards as well as the MTV Video Music Award for Push Best New Artist last year, many excited fans are awaiting the catchy badass vibes Doja Cat radiates through her music.

The creative visuals and dynamic musical elements from “Kiss Me More” made for the perfect launch to her album. “Planet Her” will truly keep up with all the stars.

Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat is now streaming on YouTube.

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