Amy Gilbert | First-year construction and engineering management student

Students share their summer plans amid COVID-19 pandemic

Summertime days filled with new adventures are exactly what students need once social distancing is over. After a few months of quarantine, Cal Poly Pomona students eagerly make plans for the summer in hopes that life can feel normal again. 

Kirsten Zesati | Second-year english student

“I was going to go visit my brother in South Korea, but due to COVID-19 I am no longer able to travel internationally, which is okay because I am very grateful that my family has been in great health. So hopefully I can do more local road trips with some of my close friends from home. I think a trip we are going to try doing this summer is camping in Central California. Hopefully once everything opens, we can book a camping spot.”

Emanuel Campos | Fourth-year history student

“I look forward to quarantine being over and being able to travel out of state. I want to travel within the U.S. and outside of it too. Before the school year starts in the fall, I want to travel to Mexico. I plan on going to where my parents are from and staying out there for about a week. My cousins and I are planning a trip there, so it would be nice to go see our grandparents and other family there.”

Jessica Youssef | First-year psychology student

“The thing I was looking forward to most this summer was going back to my country, Egypt. I wanted to visit my family, see the pyramids and revisit my childhood. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will work out because of what is going on. Now, I’m looking forward to the end of summer so we can go back to school in the fall.”

Amy Gilbert | First-year construction and engineering management student

“My plans for this summer include remodeling my room and learning how to cook. I think the space we spend most of our time in should reflect healthy habits – not staying in bed, keeping organized, etc. While buying new furniture is not exactly an option, I will be repainting and reformatting (my room).”

David Devereaux | Fourth-year communication student

“I want to go out and party. I want to go to the beach or a good car show, but mostly I want to burn my damn mask. Every mask, no matter how well designed, are a special kind of annoying, and I will not miss having to remember to bring it with me any time I go somewhere.” 

Keshet Weinstein | First-year pure mathematics master’s student

“This summer I am looking forward to working for the Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) program as a counselor/(teacher’s assistant) for their Los Angeles BEAM Discovery site. I get to work with mathematically gifted middle school students on their advanced math course work as a one-on-one tutor and as an in-class assistant while also being a mentor.”

Photos and quotes compiled by staff writer Kelcie Hartley.

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