Shop Chere’s co-owners Ivanna Alonza (left) and Luzmaria Ramirez (right) model their creations for their brand.

CPP students create chic clothing business: ‘Shop Chere’

It is hard to imagine that the world’s most well-known and promising companies started from one simple idea, but everyone starts somewhere. 

Cal Poly Pomona students Ivanna Alonzo and Luzmaria Ramirez turned their one simple idea into their own online clothing brand: Shop Chere. 

They recognized that buying from popular stores can be pricey. They created Shop Chere to sell high quality products at an affordable price. 

Alonzo and Ramirez are fourth-year architecture students who dedicate their time and focus to school, despite running their own business. 

Shop Chere’s co-owners Ivanna Alonza (left) and Luzmaria Ramirez (right) model their creations for their brand. (Courtesy of Shop Chere)

“Time management is extremely important in order for us to stay on track for everything,” Ramirez said. “School is our main priority no matter what.” 

They keep each other accountable for studying for upcoming tests and preparing for presentations.

Between school and internships, Alonzo and Ramirez planned photoshoots to market their products.

“There are often times we would shoot our clothes and bags on campus during our class breaks because that is really the only time we would be free,” Ramirez said. “The few hours we have are spent shooting for social media posts and potential new items we may bring to the store.”

The first steps they took were figuring out their audience and what their vision was for Shop Chere.

(Courtesy of Shop Chere)

All their products were carefully handpicked and designed to fit into anyone’s chic and stylish aesthetic. Shop Chere offers a unique selection of clothes, jewelry, accessories and bags. They hope their customers will feel confident and empowered through their clothing pieces. 

“The brand is a reflection of our own styles,” Alonzo said. “You will see us wear our own pieces on the daily.”

(Courtesy of Shop Chere)

As the business grew, so did Alonzo and Ramirez’s friendship. 

“Having a brand has also strengthened our friendship,” Alonzo said. “It’s super cool working along with a friend, because it does not feel like work at all.”

After three months of hard work, Alonzo and Ramirez officially launched Shop Chere in July 2019. 

Since then, they have participated in CPP’s annual fashion show and reached over 1,000 followers on Instagram. Alonzo and Ramirez aspire to expand the business into their own warehouse store based in Los Angeles. They hope to inspire others who dream of starting their own business.

To check out Shop Chere’s latest pieces, go the brand’s Instagram @shopchere or visit the website 

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