Staying cozy and staying in make for the best movie nights. ( JOANNE GUINTU | THE POLY POST)

Netflix shows to binge watch during quarantine

If you are looking for something to do with friends yet is also safe, Netflix has just that for you. This year Netflix introduced its newest feature, Netflix Party. It is only available on laptop or desktop Google Chrome browsers. Netflix Party makes it easier to connect with friends and host long-distance movie nights. It allows users to chat through a chat room and stream shows at the same exact time. 

Although the show “Tiger King” has been all that everyone’s been talking about, here are some underdog shows you do not want to miss out on.  

Staying cozy and staying in make for the best movie nights.


Netflix’s drama series, “Ozark,” has slowly climbed the charts and remains on Netflix’s top 10 shows this week (as the list updates every day). The three-season, binge-worthy show centers around the Byrde family, who find themselves trapped into working for a Mexican drug cartel. The family moves from Chicago to a small town in Missouri called Ozark. The family struggles to find room to breathe as they adjust to their new home, but at every turn new problems arise. 

“The show keeps me on the edge of my seat from the time I press play all until I notice that I’m already clicking ‘Watch next episode,’” said Jedadiah Santos, a fourth-year kinesiology student.

Will the Byrde family be able to stick together and survive through it all? 

‘Nailed It!’

“Nailed It!” is a bake-off show between three novice bakers who compete for the grand prize of $10,000. Contestants must replicate complex edible desserts. Three professional bakers choose the best cake on the final part of the competition to determine who will win the grand prize.

“I love ‘Nailed It!’ because it’s a great background show that you can put on, but still entertaining if you choose to sit down and watch it,” said Katie Cordero, a second-year kinesiology student. 

The show is hilarious, engaging and relatable to watch because many of us identify with the struggles of baking. The show consists of real people making real desserts and illustrates that we are not all perfect. 

‘All American’

“All  American” is based on a true story starring Daniel Ezra as Spencer James, South Crenshaw High School’s top-notch wide receiver. Growing up, James and his brother Dillon were raised by their single mother in Crenshaw. James’ father left when he was 10 and since, James has shifted his anger and emotions onto the football field to make him a star player.

James is given the opportunity of a lifetime to escape from the gang-related lifestyle of violence and racial issues at Crenshaw when Coach Baker invites him to play for Beverly High’s football team. He is faced with tough decisions and must find a balance between his Crenshaw life and new life at Beverly. 

‘Kim’s Convenience Store’

When watching this popular sitcom, there is no denying it will have you laughing out loud. The show is about a Korean Canadian family who owns a convenience store in Toronto. They are recent immigrants learning more about Toronto through their daily interactions at the store.  

Not only does the sitcom make you laugh, it also shares deep messages about family and racial struggles. The show values family and hard work. 

Don’t forget to grab a snack and get comfy because the next thing you know, you will be 10 episodes deep into these shows. 

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