Free apps to play games with friends from home

Being quarantined at home during this difficult time is not easy, and not being able to hang out with your friends is even worse. There are several different ways you can communicate with your friends and family online. The most popular method is through social media, as well as FaceTime or Zoom.

However, these methods only really allow you to chat, but what about playing games with one another? Here are some of the top free apps you can download on your iOS or Android to play with friends. 

Quiz Up

This two-player game will allow you and one other person to test your trivia skills. This app has a number of topics to choose from, and you earn points for every answer you get correct. You have the option to play solo, with a friend or match with random people also playing Quiz Up. There are six questions in each quiz, and whoever answers the quickest gets more points. This app is perfect for trivia fans. 

Evil Apples

Do you like Cards Against Humanity? Then this app is going to be exciting to play with your friends. The app gives you different challenges to choose from. You can play with up to five players and it’s the perfect game if you want to get a good laugh in. 

Everyone has the chance to be the judge once gaining the winning card, thereby earning his or her points. This is the perfect card game for a group of friends who enjoy filthy and hilarious humor. 

8 Ball Pool

Those who love playing pool will enjoy this classic game. According to, this game is the world’s biggest online pool game, and users can play this game directly through iMessage on iPhone or through the 8 Ball Pool app itself. You can play this game with up to eight friends or choose the one-on-one option. 


If you and your friends are good at spelling and putting words together, then this app is going to be a fun and competitive game to challenge your friends to. This online version of Scrabble is more convenient than ever with the option to play multiplayer, online with  a stranger, through Facebook, or Pass and Play, meaning you can use one device and pass it around when it is your turn. Test your spelling and word skills with your friends and family through this app. 

Mario Kart Tour

For those who grew up playing this thrilling game, you will definitely enjoy this app. To organize a match, complete the first level first. After that, it will give you the option to play with friends and challenge them to a racing match. This app is conveniently found through the App Store and Google Play for free. 

Not being able to see your friends doesn’t have to be difficult. With all these new means of technology, one is able to communicate with friends and family across the globe, and these few apps will get you started on connecting with friends and enjoying a game or two!

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