Pictured are David Hermosillo and Melanie Lopez as Hermosillo’s character, Narcissus, shared one of his stories. (Courtesy of Chelsea Sutton)

‘Polaroid Stories’: An unforgettable performance

On opening night, “Polaroid Stories” provided an unforgettable performance from the cast and beautiful sets the crew created. 

“Polaroid Stories” is a play that mixes the ancient and mythical stories of Ovid’s “Metamorphosis” and actual experiences homeless youth face today. In 1996, Naomi Iizuka wrote this piece to raise awareness of the homeless community and how our society has been making hard choices society for centuries. 

In the CPP production of “Polaroid Stories,” the cast members vividly portray the experiences of homeless youth with the stories they share and the experiences they acted. 

Pictured are David Hermosillo and Melanie Lopez as Hermosillo’s character, Narcissus, shared one of his stories.
(Courtesy of Chelsea Sutton)

It was truly a play that will leave you breathless and think of societal problems. 

But before going to this play, please be aware that this product does use vulgar language and suggestive situations. This play is not suitable for all ages.

The Studio Theater was decorated as if we had stepped into the dirty, abandoned pier by the streets of a city. And as you sat and waited for the play to start, the music playing was accompanied with the sound of cars driving fast through the streets. It made the audience feel like they were transported from the Studio Theater to an actual street. 

Director Jessica Hanna beautifully lead cast members to  deliver strong and courageous acting as they portrayed homeless youths faced with hard life choices. 

The acting in this production is powerful and makes you visualize every story they told or every scenario they were in. 

The entire cast of “Polaroid Stories” was phenomenal and made the crowd feel its emotions. 

The actors captivated the crowd with every move or word they made. Particular actors caught the favor of the crowd. 

The exchanges between Eurydice, played by Briana Ralston, and Orpheus, played by Phillip Bahnam, were powerful. The shouts and arguments they endured during the play felt real and true. The emotions coming off from their words could be felt throughout the entire theater. Shivers were felt and goosebumps rose as these two shared the stage. 

Narcissus, played by David Hermosillo, was also a crowd favorite. He told three stories his character has gone through and he shared them with an amazing attitude and energy that made the crowd feel with him. Hermosillo’s parts were a rollercoaster of emotions. You’ll laugh. You’ll be shocked. You’ll feel for him. 

The entire cast was phenomenal and all could be praised. But the set was beautifully done. The set itself was made in a way that transported the crowd, but in the middle of the play, black lights would go on to reveal a new design. 

The original graffiti portrayed on the set disappeared and a new set was transformed with new graffiti only shown when the black lights come on. The entire creative team blew the  crowd away with its sets alone. 

Want to enjoy this amazing play? There is still a chance to view “Polaroid Stories” on March 5-7 at 8 p.m. and March 8 at 2 p.m in the Studio Theater. Grab your tickets online at https://classcsupomona.tix.com/Schedule.aspx?OrgNum=3530&framed=true or at the box office in front of the University Theater an hour before showtime. 

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